One-Stop Shop for Deal Sourcing Information | Reonomy

The Challenge:

Researching ownership, debt and ownership information.

Alex has to do a lot of research on properties in a short amount of time. Alex searches for owners, identifies ownership portfolios, sources debt information for properties and more. He would have to go through multiple sources to attempt to find where a property took out a mortgage, how much it was for, and when.

He works with a team, and as they are prospecting for new clients, he has to have the full scope of property information available to share in order for the team to have a full understanding of the property.

Alex needed a platform that allows him to search a variety of factors, and uncover everything he needs to know about a property in one place.

“Anytime I research a property, I go onto Reonomy. It tells me how many commercial units, square feet, debt, everything.”

The Solution:

One stop shop for all commercial property information.

This is where Reonomy comes in. As Alex says, Reonomy is “your one-stop shop.”

Alex said “I search owners, different properties they own, as well as debt amounts for each property. I can see who they got the mortgage from, when, and for how much.” Not only can Alex identify the owner he needs to contact, but he can approach the owner with details about their last loan amount, and leverage that information to win the client.

“Anytime I am researching a property, I go onto Reonomy.” Not only does Reonomy provide accurate property details, but Alex likes that he can also look up tax records. In terms of prospecting, Alex says “Reonomy is very convenient. It’s helped me to source a bunch of deals.”

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