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The Challenge:

In the past, it was difficult to build a CRM where brokers were incentivized to interact with it and input data. Avison Young wanted a reliable data source to enhance and build their proprietary data on. While there are many solutions that allow you to access data, directly integrating verifiable information was key for improving broker workflows and overall data access at AY.

“Back in the day, I kept a three ring binder where we transfer the names over, take photos of every single building and then attach them there and that was our paper catalog. If you wanted something like a C of O, you would have to go down to the buildings department, wait in line for 30 minutes and pay $5.00 to receive that information.” – James Nelson, Principal and Head of Tri-State Investment Sales.

“Reonomy has really been a driver for how we leverage and use technology. Reonomy acts as our foundation - whether we layer on our database or our research reports, it has become a critical piece to the equation.”

The Solution:

Save time spent searching for accurate data.

Reonomy data is used to seed their CRM in order to provide a single place where brokers can enter information and where AY can track deal flow & management. Using Reonomy’s data as the foundation, AY encourages their brokers to work and track pertinent deal data in their CRM. This allows deal flow to be tracked end to end in their CRM, providing brokers with the incentive to operate from prospect to close within a single platform.

“The days of sales people working off Excel spreadsheets are coming to a close, I think. By having a system like Reonomy, not only can we utilize the web application and easily pull data, but we also get the monthly data feed into our CRM. With the direct data feed, our agents are able to update any records with their own notes. Having that work smoothly and seamlessly has been really important.” – James Kinsey, Principal, Tri-State Investment Sales Operations.

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