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The Challenge:

B6 was looking to build out a singular database for their brokers to be able to access for best in class real estate data. As a new brokerage and growing team, B6 truly values the use of technology and the advancement of CRE data, and wanted a robust starting point to layer proprietary data on top of.

“Our approach at B6 and our approach throughout our career has been that we want to be in the way of technology. So being a partner with Reonomy is putting us in a place where we can take advantage of any technological change that happens in the marketplace.” – Paul Massey, CEO.

“It's almost becoming mandatory for brokers to have Reonomy. Reonomy powers our CRM directly, we integrate via the API. This means our brokers are looking at one true source of data, and that's through Reonomy.”

The Solution:

Create a single source of truth for brokers.

By seeding their CRM with Reonomy data, B6 was able to create a single source of truth for their brokers, allowing for the best data available to be accessed in a user friendly way. By using Reonomy as the backbone of their CRM, and using Reonomy’s entity resolution to stitch together data from various other datasets, B6 brokers have direct access to a verifiable, unique and robust technical system. Now, B6 brokers can work from lead sourcing through tracking all deal flow in a single CRM.

“Reonomy has clearly demonstrated that they are the best in class for data. The way they look at the world, they’re able to understand information better than anybody else that we’ve been able to uncover in the market, so we thought it was really important to partner ourselves with best in class because we view ourselves as the same.” – Adrian Mercado, CIO.

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