Broker Sources 3 New Deals with Reonomy | Reonomy

The Challenge:

Spending too much time working through lead lists and searching for contact information.

Dominic needed to find a way to save time, money and operate with ease. He needed a product that provides accurate information at a reasonable price. Before finding Reonomy, Dominic searched for new deals by attending real estate conventions and acquiring lists of owners and operators of real estate companies in each state. This was tedious and often difficult, requiring a lot of time spent searching for companies, names and phone numbers. Dominic said “It felt like an antiquated search method.”

“Reonomy makes work more enjoyable. I’m on it at least two hours a day.”

The Solution:

Searching for owners with speed and ease.

Before, Dominic found it “mind-numbing looking at a long list of company names, and then try to figure out how to contact each one.” As someone who isn’t very tech savvy, Dominic said, “it’s really easy for someone like me because Reonomy is very user friendly, easy to navigate and understand.”

Dominic uses Reonomy daily, utilizing the asset class filter due to his focus on community shopping centers. Since joining Reonomy, “We’ve had probably three or four owners of shopping centers we’ve talked to that resulted in a letter of intent.”

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