Reduced Time Spent Canvassing from Hours to Minutes | Reonomy

The Challenge:

Quickly understanding specific neighborhood trends

Elie Cohen works on the Capital Markets team at Venture Capital Properties, working in investment sales and as an advisor for acquisitions and dispositions.

Elie has clients that often want to search for deals in very specific areas. Instead of going door to door to see if a property might be what a client is looking for, Elie wanted an easy way to canvass a particular area.

Being able to target an area with specications he inputs, and then access the owner contact information for those properties offers a lot of value to Elie.

“Reonomy has really helped me skip the step of canvassing properties one by one, which is a huge plus.”

The Solution:

One stop shop for all commercial property information

For Elie, using Reonomy made canvassing an area for potential property deals much simpler. “The drawing tools, like the radius search, really help us to get a better idea of the area we are canvassing and is hugely beneficial when navigating new territory with clients that are looking at specific areas of search.”

Elie said Reonomy is, “a very comfortable site to use, simple, and to the point. Reonomy returns the search results I need to know.”

In terms of his research, Elie said, “Reonomy is really accurate on email addresses and phone numbers of owners, but for me, the biggest value is in digging deep into the specifics of an area.”

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