Besen & Associates Increase Call Volume by 25% | Reonomy

The Challenge:

Too much time spent researching

“Like most firms, we were using Property Shark as our go-to source for property and ownership information. We did additional research through the Department of Buildings, Finance, Corporations, ACRIS, and Intelius.”

Before Reonomy, Corbin’s team spent countless hours searching through the various sites to find ownership information. Besen had previously tried Real Capital Analytics and Trepp but discontinued their subscription to each.
“It was tedious work to check all of these websites, looking through deeds, mortgages, tax records, permits etc.” said Corbin.

This exhausting process meant the team made fewer calls, reached fewer owners, and inevitably made less money.

“A good broker makes his money by being on the phone and not the computer. Reonomy allows us to increase phone time and decrease other distractions.”

The Solution:

One Accurate, Efficient Platform

“Reonomy eliminates the need to toggle between websites. Nearly all of the information we search for can be found on Reonomy; owners’ phone numbers, emails, and addresses,” continued Corbin.

As Corbin and his team prospered, recently signing up for another year in advance, other employees took notice and signed up as well. Besen & Associates now has 16 employees using Reonomy to grow their business.