Moving from Local to National Dealmaking with Reonomy | Reonomy

The Challenge:

Time spent prospecting for new owners and a limited scope of searchability.

Before using Reonomy, Greg was prospecting by driving through town and knocking on doors. Greg explained, “I would just drive around the city in particular areas looking for new buildings, or going into buildings and introducing myself to, hopefully, the owner. If the owner was not an occupant of the building, I would get the owner’s name and have to go through the customary ways of getting in touch and getting information on the owner.”

His research methods were time heavy and produced low returns on business. “I’ve been looking at Florida on Reonomy in the past couple of days, and I’ve got 31 properties. Well, if I was still doing what I did before I’d have to drive down to Florida, drive around, and see if I can find out who owns what. So Reonomy is just tremendously more efficient.”

“Now with Reonomy, I'm able to pull any part of the country and set certain parameters for the building as far as cost and asset type.”

The Solution:

Optimize time and energy to improve relationships and target deals across the country.

“I’m much more efficient using Reonomy. Much, much more efficient. I use it every day,” Greg said.

Not only does Reonomy help Greg search more specically for the type of property, but also his area of search. “Reonomy opens up the rest of the country,” Greg said.

When utilizing Reonomy data, Greg finds that the most valuable information is, “the address, the price and the date they bought it, because when you can tell them details of a deal they have made, they know they’ve got somebody real on the phone.”

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