The Challenge:

Unable to break into the commercial market from residential

Marketing in the lending industry can be challenging at times. Jeffrey’s “Second Chance Program” proved to be extremely successful in the residential space and his team has tried to launch their program in the commercial market for years. Jeffrey would take days and even months to source and qualify commercial leads before he could begin to build relationships and present his program.

After hearing about Reonomy, Jeffrey and his team finally made the decision to invest in a solution that has helped to expand their program in the multifamily space. Jeffrey hopes to expand into hospitality next using Reonomy.

“Reonomy gives you all of the information to get you started and then you are able to find your niche and grow in your business.”


“Reonomy pre-foreclosure data enabled me to enter the commercial space with our Second Chance Program”

The Solution:

A tool that saves time and prepares you with context on each property

Jeffrey is looking at two-family, three-family and quadruplex properties that he can provide hard money and business loans to. Jeffrey has been able to log into Reonomy and run his search for a specific number of units and stages of pre-foreclosure in seconds. In a few short months on Reonomy, Jeffrey has been able to source 10+ deals in his pipeline and close on one already. Reonomy has changed his business and helped him to reach out to multifamily owners in need across the country.

Jeffrey really appreciates the comparables tool because it enables him to prepare for each Client call and really build rapport with his clients right away. He has been able to make contact and build up a pipeline of clients for referrals as well.

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