Investment Broker Sources Unlikely Deals with Reonomy | Reonomy

The Challenge:

Sourcing specific market data for sophisticated clients.

Before Reonomy, Josh worked through excel spreadsheets and lists of properties. Josh needed a simple and direct way to target specific neighborhoods with asset type, size and potential price in mind.

Josh conducts business with sophisticated clients. Because of the specificity of the search criteria his clients desire, manual searches for properties took up a lot of time. After being a user of the New York platform of Reonomy and finding success through establishing a deeper market understanding and providing information to his clients, Josh decided to also utilize the National platform to search for properties.

“Reonomy has allowed me to connect with owners that I could not have found or thought of without it.”

The Solution:

Search hyper-specific locations with speed and ease.

Reonomy helps Josh to continue to be a credible, informed and trusted resource for his clients. He has found that Reonomy allows him to be “on target with what our clients are looking for.” Josh said, “Clients ask us ‘we want to purchase a building on this specific three-block radius,’ then I dig into Reonomy and can literally pull up all the properties in that one area and just call owners.”

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Using Reonomy to isolate specific areas and neighborhoods by asset class makes organizing owners to call simple and easy. “[Property and ownership data] is all right there for you, so it’s a great way to save time.”

Not only does Josh have a better understanding of the specific areas of search for his client, but it also enables him to generate leads through sourcing comps. “One way of generating new leads is going into Reonomy and using the property search for comparable assets to the ones were working on. That’s an awesome tool.”