Sourcing New Commercial Roofing Leads with Reonomy | Reonomy

The Challenge:

Finding reliable phone numbers to contact owners.

Before Reonomy, Justin was using ProspectNow to source leads. Of the crucial contact information he needed, he found that 80% were bad numbers. Alongside his team, Justin was reaching out to almost 600 people a day and would, “talk to maybe 30 people that had anything to do with the buildings at all.”

Justin started searching for another solution. Now that he switched to Reonomy, Justin finds that “a number on every property either is the owner or someone directly related to the building.”

“Any roofing company that's going to be doing cold calling and commercial should be using Reonomy.”

The Solution:

Changing focus from calling to closing deals.

“In just the past month from Reonomy, we’ve closed about $300,000 in roofing and replacements, and we have a pipeline of about $2.5 million in estimates out that we sourced on Reonomy. It’s incredible.” Justin saves so much time that he used to spend calling wrong numbers, he is able to close more deals. “Instead of focusing on calling new owners, we can focus on selling.”

Justin also appreciates that he can search throughout the whole country, “we aren’t limited by counties. We can draw our area of search and pull every industrial building over 50,000 sq ft. or any other criteria.”

According to Justin, “It’s the best platform out there. It’s user-friendly, has reliable contact info, and you can look at google maps within the platform to see the state of the building.”

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