The Challenge:

Finding the best resource for property and contact information to distribute to her team of brokers.

Katie is a Research Coordinator at Avison Young in Philadelphia and plays a crucial role in setting her team up for success in the areas of tenant representation, project management, capital markets and financial advisory, providing them with reliable contact information and putting them in contact with decision makers. Her team of brokers utilize Reonomy data to make decisions in these areas every day.

In the past, Katie spent countless hours procuring property contact information. And in most cases, this information wasn’t even reliable or complete. Worst of all, she wasn’t able to consistently find data about decision-makers, imperative information her team requires to build their portfolio of properties. Though Katie was leveraging corporate solutions provided by Avison Young, she wasn’t getting the results her team needed to move quickly on off-market opportunities. She was also creating duplicative work by double-checking the information from her resources with Philadelphia records. After hearing about Reonomy from other AY offices, her team decided to invest in making their internal processes more efficient to reduce their time spent researching.

“Reonomy is a one-stop-shop for commercial real estate research. Rather than using multiple services to pull information on one property, Reonomy lets you search an address and provides all the offerings of other services on one site.”

The Solution:

One source of truth that is more reliable and up-to-date than any other resource

Katie began using Reonomy and immediately saw a difference in her workflow. She was able to cut out multiple steps in her day-to-day life and get her brokers the correct information right away.

“Prior to Reonomy I would search an address on multiple platforms, but the information was not always 100% accurate so I would have to do double my work by digging through property records and cross-referencing data to ensure accuracy. Using Reonomy allows me to cut out the extra work and gives me access to property information just by searching an address.”

Katie says that Reonomy is a crucial part of her team’s deal-making and 100% recommends Reonomy to other CRE professionals. Her brokers are able to initiate outreach with Reonomy data, expediting the deal process.

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