Cornerstone Group NY Closes 10 Deals in 10 Months with Reonomy | Reonomy

The Challenge:

New to commercial real estate and New York City

Omry Azarzar is the Senior Lending Advisor for Cornerstone Group NY, a firm that specializes in commercial mortgages and capital financing. Omry’s main goal is originating new loans.

When Omry moved to NYC, he took his first commercial real estate job at The Cornerstone Group. His first challenge was building a network of potential clients and lenders. “In the beginning, I was reaching out to brokers, accountants and lawyers for deals. It worked okay, but Reonomy was the best thing that ever happened to me,” says Omry.

At the 2015 NYC Real Estate Expo, Omry was introduced to Reonomy. After a demo, he decided to add the power of Reonomy’s data and technology to his prospecting workflow. He did look at other providers, such as Credifi, but “their owner contact details just weren’t as good.”

“Once I find a property that fits my search criteria, I can see their lender and what kind of rate they are getting. Having that info on a first call makes the owner have more confidence in me right away.”

The Solution:

Owner contact details, search filters and loan data

Now, Omry uses Reonomy’s search filters to target ideal loans, which he then pairs with loan data to create a sophisticated pitch for potential clients. With access to an owner’s email and phone number, Omry can make the first move right away.

Over the last 10 months, Omry has paired his incredible work ethic with Reonomy data to expand his personal brand across NYC. In that time, he has added 96 landlords to his network and closed 10 new deals. One deal, in particular, a 5 building package worth $2.6M, was recently featured in the New York Real Estate Journal.