Less Time Searching, More Time Connecting with Property Owners | Reonomy

The Challenge:

Time spent seeking out property owners.

Phil and his team search for leads based on location. They approach areas that need to save electricity and work with the property owners to improve efficiency in the area, but he needs property owner contact information to do so.

Phil was searching for property data and ownership information through a wide variety of sources. He said, “I went to property websites and pulled up every address for every property that they own and did a Google Maps search for every single one, it took forever.”

“I love it. Reonomy just makes my job so easy.”

The Solution:

Access to ownership contact info for any commercial property.

Phil is excited about using Reonomy because of the zip code specific search and the access to property owner contact information, “I was so intrigued when I learned I could search by zip code, that’s exactly what I needed.”

Phil also likes that he is no longer stuck connecting with property managers, and can connect directly with the decision maker of a property. “Using Reonomy, I can bypass the property manager and go directly to the owner. Then, they can refer me to who they want – either speak with me directly or send me to their energy conservation people. I have found Reonomy to be really, really effective for doing that.”

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