Ownership Info You Can Count On | Reonomy

The Challenge:

Finding reliable contact information for decision makers.

RJ prospects for new listings and conducts research for properties of interest to clients and investors. Typically, he would have to search through multiple sources and platforms to conduct all of his research to identify property owners and source their contact information.

RJ wanted to find one quick way to not only better understand properties, but also to email or call an owner directly. This could simplify his prospecting process, and allow him to spend more time connecting with owners and less time searching for them.

“You are the only source that I have found that supplies reliable emails and phone numbers for property owners – every time.”

The Solution:

Reliable contact information.

When RJ first started using Reonomy, he said “I was training a new employee who had never done cold calling before, so I did the first 3 calls with the ownership information from Reonomy. Every single time, I connected directly with the right owner of the building and was able to make my pitch. That kind of accuracy is impressive.“

RJ also likes that email addresses are included in ownership information, “the data is highly reliable. It’s difficult to find access to email addresses – that’s a huge benefit.”

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