SVN Advisor Increased Call Volume by 5x with Reonomy | Reonomy

The Problem:

Inaccurate commercial real estate property and ownership data with cumbersome search tools.

Rob is an Advisor at SVN, focused on finding new listings in the Florida market. Before using Reonomy, Rob was searching through multiple public sources to find property information. When it came to finding ownership information, he had to take even more steps to connect with the decision maker – often getting blocked in his outreach efforts by LLCs.

Not only was he finding it tedious and difficult to connect with the right contact for a property, but Rob was spending 30+ minutes on each property he researched.

Rob had to spend more time searching for contact information than connecting with owners.

“Reonomy has paid for itself in multiples.”

The Solution:

Reonomy helps Rob connect with more owners in less time.

Rob’s prospecting process for a single property used to take half an hour – now, he can generate a complete list of prospects in a matter of seconds, allowing him to connect with more owners every day.

Not only is he finding ownership contact information faster, it’s more accurate than what he had been able to find in his extensive research.

Now, Rob saves over 800 hours a month on prospecting, allowing him to spend more time speaking with owners and closing deals!

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