Understand Markets with Data | Reonomy

The Challenge:

Finding accurate loan information to predict property cost and estimate mortgage price

Salar needed a way to get the most accurate information on lenders, mortgage amount and maturity date possible. When searching for solutions to assist his workflow, Salar was confronted with a lot of options. After weighing different platforms, he decided to take a chance on Reonomy as one of the first users of the National platform.

Salar was attracted by the promise of accurate ownership information and detailed debt, getting in on the ground floor to access information others did not have access to, and the affordable pricing that appealed to his smaller company.

“Reonomy is very, very useful. If I'm trying to pull information, you guys are by far stronger than anyone else.”

The Solution:

Search any property for mortgage records and lender details nationwide

Salar uses Reonomy to find maturing debts, contact owners, and uncover ownership portfolios to help determine holding patterns and refinancing opportunities.

But he also makes use of the property details provided to make sure his clients are getting the best deal possible. “There have been many times where I look at a property a client has a contract for, say, 4M, and the most recent sale was 10 months ago for 2.5M. I see those patterns in Reonomy and that helps me understand the market.”

A stand-out Reonomy feature according to Salar is the breakdown of Asset Types. “The number of different Asset Classes is great – there’s so many, it’s broken down into such detail.”

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