Find properties in need of insurance

With over 300 search filters, identify properties with specific insurance needs

Easily filter for properties by the date of last sale to identify new property owners in need of insurance in your area of focus. Create lists of properties by geography and asset class to continually identify the best potential deals.

Uncover an owner’s entire portfolio

Find clients with multiple properties for insurance needs.

Identify all of the buildings in an owners portfolio to pitch new or continued business. Want to find out if an owner of a property has a large portfolio? Quickly access records of all properties they are currently invested in. Targeting a new client? Approach your introductory call with knowledge of their holdings.

Export lead lists and upload to your CRM

Export property details and ownership information for potential clients.

Create targeted lists of the owners that you want to reach out to, including details about their property holdings, emails, phone numbers and mailing addresses. Integrate the data into your own CRM for a seamless transfer of prospects.