Master Subscription Agreement (2.25.20)

With the continued growth of our partnerships with data providers and the expansion of our own product offerings, we’ve brought together separate terms for our web application products and API product into a new Master Subscription Agreement. In order to help communicate what is changing, we’ve prepared this summary of some of the key changes from our previous Subscription Service Agreement and Data License Agreement. This summary isn’t intended to capture everything that changed, so please be sure to review the Master Subscription Agreement in its entirety.


Use of the Reonomy Platform

Affiliate Use. We’ve explicitly provided the right for your affiliates to use Reonomy’s services by granting affiliates users with access or executing an order form with any affiliate.

Beta Services. The new Master Subscription Agreement now incorporates terms related to your use of any beta services.


Reonomy Rights and Obligations

Reonomy IP. We have clarified that we own all intellectual property rights in aggregated data.

Personnel. We will be responsible for the performance of our personnel.

Termination Rights. We have reserved the right to terminate upon any change in law, substantial privacy concern, undue economic burden or upon a merger, sale or change of control in connection with any Reonomy competitor.

Suspension Right. In lieu of a termination, Reonomy may suspend your access if your material breach has not cured within 5 days. We may also suspend if we or our data suppliers determine there is a material security threat.


Liability terms

Liability Cap. Reonomy’s liability for most damages arising under the agreement is limited to the greater of fees for the past twelve months or $1,000.


Other key changes

Audit. We’ve added a right for Reonomy to perform an audit if we have reasonable grounds to believe a breach of the Agreement has occurred.

Modifications. We continuously develop the Reonomy services and may update or change features as long as the services materially conform to our product description.

Data Changes. We do not make any warranties that our third party data suppliers will remain the same over time.

Publicity. We may refer to you as our customer or use your logo.