Building CRE Systems is Difficult

So difficult, it took us 4 years of R&D to build the only true national database.

But to keep pace in a competitive landscape, difficulty can no longer be a barrier.

Our Journey

Luckily, We’ve Done the Heavy Lifting

While creating our own products, we’ve established the Reonomy Partner Network, bringing together the titans of data and real estate to connect the world of CRE.

Now, you can use the same ingredients we use, for yourself.

Reonomy Partner Network

Our Partners:

And Unlocked a New Industry Standard

We’ve built the language to connect commercial real estate – the Reonomy ID.

We’ll enable you to structure your data to augment with scalable, best in class CRE data.

The Reonomy ID


Now, you can build your own source of truth.


Reonomy Entity Resolution

All of the data, none of the noise.

With the Reonomy ID as a key, resolve your systems. Regardless of the data, a single property has a single record, from one source.

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Reonomy Data API

Integrate centuries of combined data collection to your systems.

Built on the Reonomy Partner Network, increase the depth and breadth of your data with exclusive best in class people, property and company information.


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