Resolve duplicate entries to a single entry and stitch together different datasets by joining them along a single unique identifier, allowing partners to weaponize their data.


Access the entire universe of commercial properties relevant to your business for a comprehensive understanding of the CRE landscape and relevant growth opportunities.


Improve internal data on existing properties you track by augmenting your data with Reonomy’s transaction, company and owner data.

Property Match

Reonomy’s machine learning algorithms identify records within your data set that refer to the same property but come from different data sources. The same Reonomy ID is applied to each separately identified data point to bring them together under one identifier.

Reonomy ID

The value of the Reonomy ID lies in the ability to bring data on a single property, from a variety of sources, together under one name. This will eliminate duplicates and clarify growing datasets.

With the Reonomy ID as a common identifier, seeding new datasets becomes seamless, making the options endless for what you can add to your existing database.


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  • Access to 100+ data points on any property in the U.S.
  • Coverage of 3,100 counties
  • Data on 49M+ properties
  • Ownership data on 100M+ companies and 150M+ people
  • 10M+ mortgage amounts
  • 20M+ sales transactions

What our users say:

“Reonomy data allows us to make quicker and more informed decisions backed by a wealth of historically untapped data.”

James Nelson Avison Young

“From providing WeWork with leading industry intelligence to powering database efficiency, Reonomy’s enterprise products play an instrumental role in our data initiatives.”

David Fano WeWork

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