The 80/20 Dilemma

Most professionals only spend 20% of their time sourcing insights.

The other 80% is spent re-organizing, cleaning and connecting vast amount of data. It’s inefficient at best.


Connecting CRE Data is Unique

While CRE shares data issues like any other industry, standard solutions don’t match its unique needs.

Commercial real estate data requires connecting property, people and companies.


No matter the data.

Unlock Your Company’s Knowledge

Reonomy provides your solution to property, people and company resolution. Surface all the information you have, on any asset.

By applying the Reonomy ID to all your records, our integration will resolve your data so that a single property means a single record, accessed from one source.

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“Reonomy is a core part of the sophisticated resource we are building.  Our partnership with the firm is allowing us to make powerful data accessible to employees across our organization.”

Raj Bhatti CTO at NKF

Seamless Integration Across Datasets

Weaponize your internal systems by reintegrating your enhanced, clean records back to your internal systems.

Make your records more scalable, continuously matching and layering in new data points as they’re added.

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Build Systems That Scale

Your data needs today won’t be your data needs tomorrow.

With Entity Resolution, your data is converted into a universal language that can easily integrate any data provider as your business evolves.

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