Lender from TD Bank Turns Days of Work to Minutes | Reonomy

The Challenge:

Information accessed through too many sources.

As a lender, Clayton needs to know everything about a property in order to verify the borrower. Before, it would take days of searching through public records and digging for property details in order to access all of the data he needed.

After spending so much time searching, Clayton’s team found a solution to make their workflow more efficient, save time and manpower spent searching.

“There’s no source that we are aware of that competes with or is as useful as Reonomy.”

The Solution:

Save time spent searching for accurate data.

“It used to take up to two or three days to do the kind of search we needed in Google. Now I can sign into Reonomy and within five minutes I know exactly what I’m looking at – I know the warts on it and I know the good things about it. Within literally five minutes.” Clayton said.

“I’m not familiar with any platform that is commensurate with what you guys provide. You can go to various different information sources, but there’s no source that we’re aware of that competes with you guys, or is useful as Reonomy is.”

Clayton likes that he can do all of his research in one platform, “it’s a one stop shop. I can find everything that’s in public or private record. I can really get my hands on what we’re looking at.”

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