Managing Partner Leads Team of Reonomy Users | Reonomy

The Challenge:

Sifting through too many sources for information.

Working as both investment broker and lender requires extensive research on properties, identifying ownership, sourcing sales and strong comparables.

Leading a team, and operating as both Broker and Lender, George needed a versatile, accurate, and easy to use platform for all of his commercial property research needs.

“I’ve enjoyed working with everyone I’ve encountered at Reonomy. They really understand how we use the product and are constantly improving features.”

The Solution:

All in one search for commercial property details.

George not only uses Reonomy for his own research but encourages members of his 20+ person team to as well. “Half of my team is on Reonomy. It’s a very efficient service.”

All of the information that George needs for property and ownership contact information exists in one place. “You can bounce from one tab to the next to find ownership information, debt sales, income and so on, rather than search for each individually.”

George said, “The sorting features, comparable searches, and filters to narrow down a search are invaluable.”

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