Innovative Brokerage Company Builds Revolutionary Interface | Reonomy

The Challenge:

Brokerage Company X was looking for a solution to better unify data across their entire business by building a unique interface. Not only would this require an entirely unique base structure, the new interface would need to be able to both enrich current records and seamlessly integrate new records. Attempting to build the infrastructure themselves could have taken years and potentially still lacked the technology necessary to efficiently and effectively map new data to existing records.

“Reonomy enabled us to quickly realize our vision of unifying our data, and bring this unique data interface to reality. Not only did we shave time off of deployment, but we gained access to data we never knew we had, and drastically increased the number of available records.”

The Solution:

Company X launched their unique interface built on Reonomy data and was able to create a custom UI. Now, they have gained access to real-time market data and intelligence, layering proprietary data with in-depth records from Reonomy. Not only does this allow Company X brokers to have the best understanding of any past relationships the brokerage has had with a building, but also to view the full history of property details from Reonomy’s robust database.

Company X started with NYC specific data, and then grew nationally due to the immediate results they saw. Their proprietary data in NYC covered 800,000 properties, with Reonomy, this increased their available data to 2.4 million properties total – 300% growth. Not only did the breadth of properties covered increase dramatically, but the match rate for mapping Reonomy data to the existing records was also very high – over 95% accurate.

From powering deal efficiency across leasing, capital markets, and investment sales to understanding the full landscape of commercial property data, the unique front end access to co-mingled Reonomy and proprietary data provides incredible insight to market intelligence.