BOND New York Agent Lands 3 Deals in 3 Months | Reonomy

The Challenge:

Inaccurate data hindering deal-making

“I used to look in Property Shark to see if the phone number I had matched and a lot of times it just didn’t work. Reonomy helps me make more calls because the numbers are accurate.”

Before Reonomy, Cisneros focused on leasing residential units, but he wanted to branch out into CRE. Unfortunately, his internal toolset made it extremely slow and difficult to get those opportunities. “It took over 5 minutes just to set up a search and I had to open multiple tabs to get just a few pieces of information,” says Cisneros.

“That was just the free trial. I paid for the year already, all I see is dollar signs.”

The Solution:

Easy access to accurate ownership details.

“I worked Reonomy’s trial and found the owner for a building. Now, I’m working on selling that building and have a prospect-buyer. I also signed two exclusives with different landlords to rent their vacancies.

Cisneros gets additional value from Reonomy’s ownership portfolio search, which allows him to search an owner’s name and see all the properties they own. “I feel more confident when I call because I already know their business,” says Cisneros. Reonomy also helped double his call volume as he now has fewer wrong numbers and spends less time researching.