Energy Consultant Sources Property and Ownership Details with Reonomy | Reonomy

The Challenge:

Finding reliable data from one source.

Matthew works with companies that are looking to find new commercial real estate opportunities based on specific square footage, location, and asset type. He considered other options like Costar, but for his small company, the costs were too high.

“We used a number of different sources. Mainly third-party lists that we had from various sources that we’re connected to. It was very scattered and dated,” Matthew said.

“The access to ownership information has cut out a lot of headache for us. There's a lot of rich information on Reonomy...and you can't beat the price.”

The Solution:

Property and ownership information all in one place.

Matthew already had a lot of property data from the sources he worked with prior, but with Reonomy he can, “drill down very quickly into what it is that we need rather than the nightmarish process of stitching together information from Google Earth, databases, tax records, and previous sales. Reonomy has made the process a one-stop shop for us which is very, very helpful.”

The really valuable feature that Reonomy offers, and that Matthew believed the most difficult to source prior, is owner contact information, of which Reonomy is the most accurate source available.

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