Mortgage Broker Elevates his Cold Call Strategy with Reonomy | Reonomy

The Challenge:

Identifying quality leads.

Michael is a commercial mortgage broker working across the country. He specializes in small-balance commercial loans above $500,000. Michael spends countless hours accessing multiple resources to find eligible loans, owners, asset types and then qualify his leads.

Michael previously worked off of referrals. Gathering accurate property and ownership data such as current lender and debt information became increasingly difficult with multiple resources. Michael also was unable to find tax information, lender and maturity date. This became an obstacle in Michael’s workflow.

“It's just insane the ROI I'm getting from the platform.”

The Solution:

Customizing and controlling prospecting.

Without leads, Michael can’t be successful. This is where he has seen “insane ROI from the platform”. Using Reonomy, Michael is able to pre-qualify the borrower right on Reonomy gaining full transparency on the property before calling the owner. “Reonomy has made it easy to focus on my space – smaller investors and business owners who need help – places where I can add value.”

He also sees great value in Reonomy’s light CRM features and labels. Reonomy enables Michael to save time and focus on what is important to him.

“Reonomy helps me have a purpose every time I make a call or send an email. From my experience, I know which lenders had unfavorable terms. So by doing the analysis on the loan up front in Reonomy, the conversations usually go much better. It immediately makes the borrower more engaged because they know that there could be some value there for both of us.”

Michael has been on Reonomy for three months and currently has 6 deals all over $500k in process.