Simplify Prospecting with Reonomy | Reonomy

The Challenge:

Breaking through the gatekeepers to contact owners.

Rhys searches for properties with storm damage and prefers to search for owners with large portfolios. Rhys is always looking to save time spent searching for deals, and spend more time on the job. Specializing in commercial repairs, Rhys is searching for commercial properties and cold-calling property managers, working his way through contacts to get a recommendation to speak with the true owner of a property.

Rhys was looking for a way to simplify his property searches within areas that he knew had a lot of damage, and contact owners more directly – saving himself a lot of time and hassle.

“It's a game-changer. The fact that we make prospecting simpler and can directly contact owners, it helps us out a ton.”

The Solution:

Access to ownership contact info for any commercial property.

As a Reonomy user, Rhys connects directly with the decision maker of a property. Property managers he works with often claim there is no damage because they cannot see it – so working around them is a huge benefit. “The problem is, and where you guys come into play, is we always run into ‘gatekeepers’ that prevent you from getting in touch with the owners.”

Rhys found success with Reonomy in the first few weeks of usage “I was able to research on a claim on Reonomy that I didn’t have information on. I found the guy I needed immediately. Instead of the tedious process of calling the store, finding maintenance people etc…I directly called the maintenance people and we helped consult with the team to get the repair.”

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