Cost Segregation Specialist Saves Time and Lands New Deals Using Reonomy | Reonomy

The Challenge:

New to Cost Segregation and sourcing leads.

Before using Reonomy, Richy was walking door to door to meet new clients and source new deals. He was spending all of his time attempting to build relationships and meet new property owners. Most of his success had previously been through referrals. But when wanting to go after new clients, Richy was finding it time-consuming to find property owners that would be a good fit for his business.

Finding property owners is Richy’s main goal. With Reonomy, Richy was looking to reduce time spent out in the field and increase deals on the building asset class of his choice. In his line of work, it is important to see the building and know the specialized asset class. Being able to search owner history with ease, by industry classification of a category is very important.

“I have two or three deals now that I’ve closed that I would not have had it not been for this platform - and I’ve only been using Reonomy for 2 months.”

The Solution:

Owner contact details, search filters and loan data

With Reonomy, Richy is able to take all the time he spent prospecting on foot back into the office and over the phone.

“I am finding out now that I am having a lot of success on the phone by using Reonomy, whereas before, I was strictly in the streets. Reonomy has changed the way I work.”

By using Reonomy, Richy was able to take all of his time spent out in the field, and replace some of that prospecting on foot by using the 3D map feature to explore the area. He also saves time by initially contacting owners via phone, and informing his pitch with information about their properties and ownership portfolios.

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