Launching A Solar Installation Business with Reonomy | Reonomy

Rob Pickard is a solar installer in Southern California. He works on owner-occupied properties over 15k sq ft and uses Reonomy to search for new opportunities.

The Challenge:

Growing a new business through connection with property owners

Rob Pickard is looking to grow his solar business in a competitive Southern California market. He needed something to get a leg up on competition, approach property owners with intelligence, and become more informed about their holdings. Rob was looking for a platform that made it easier to figure out who the owner of each property was, and how best to contact them.

“I’m really happy with what Reonomy offers. It’s exactly what I need for my business to grow.”

The Solution:

Access to ownership contact info for any commercial property

Rob started using Reonomy and was immediately connected with more owners. “What we’re trying to do is reach building owners. Reonomy has been a really great way to track them down in the area I want to work. I can plug in specific criteria, like building size and owner-occupied, and it will pull up certain buildings.”

Not only could he search for specific locations of interest, but Rob was better able to identify potential deals. “One of the things that makes it even better for me is being able to look at the building. I can look at the top of the building to see if it has solar, and I can speak intelligently about the building to the owner.

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