Mortgage Broker Lands Deal in Six Weeks With Reonomy | Reonomy

The Challenge:

Moving from large firm to small shop and starting fresh

Sender Deutsch is the Vice President for Metropolitan Mortgage Corp., a commercial and residential brokerage shop. Sender leads the Commercial Division by finding new clients, underwriting and closing loans.

Sender worked at a large firm for three and a half years, before he decided to venture out on his own. While working there, Sender used Reonomy to find new loan candidates. When he made the move to Metropolitan Mortgage Corp., he decided to purchase a Reonomy license for himself. “There were a few companies that tried to tell me they were better, but I was comfortable with Reonomy and knew it worked,” says Sender.

When Sender started working at Metropolitan Mortgage Corp, the challenge of building a new network of potential clients may have seemed daunting, but he took the obstacle head on. During the last few months, his focus has been on growing the business. “Bringing in new clients is what I’m good at,” says Sender, “We are a small shop so my goal is volume, volume, volume.”

“Reonomy helps me find more potential clients and close more deals. It’s that simple.”

The Solution:

Owner contact details and search filters

Sender’s most valuable Reonomy feature is Search. “I use Search to create cold call lists, then save those in the platform and come back to them again and again,” he says. Sender primarily filters by neighborhood and loan amount, then calls through the list using the phone numbers under each contact. Reonomy’s property data is also helpful when he’s working throughout the loan process and needs to research the property.

Recently, Sender used Reonomy to source and close a deal quickly. “I was researching in the Bronx, and came across a loan that originated three years back. I picked up the phone, called the guy and two days later I was in his office. Six weeks later the loan was closed.” says Sender.

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