One-Stop Shop for Prospecting

Search through more than 49 million properties across the U.S.

No longer sift through property records from multiple sources. Search Reonomy with over 300 applicable filters, including location, property type, sales, debt, ownership, and more, to find valuable prospects in seconds.

Discover Properties likely to Sell

Quickly identify indicators on properties likely to sell.

Search properties by most recent sale date to uncover properties that have not sold in 10 years or more. Discover assets with signs of distress by searching with debt filters.

Contact Owners Directly

Uncover true owner names, phone numbers, mailing and email addresses.

Go beyond the LLC. Quickly find owner contact information and reach out to them directly via phone or email. After identifying potential owners of interest, explore entire ownership portfolios with a simple owner name search.

Export Property and Owner Contact Info

Build and export large, targeted lists of property owners.

After identifying your target assets, you can easily export a list of the property details and owner contact information of those properties. Integrate your list with your internal CRM to kickstart marketing campaigns or reach out directly to property owners.

What our clients say:

“Reonomy data allows us to make quicker and more informed decisions backed by a wealth of historically untapped data.”

James Nelson Avison Young

“What I like about Reonomy is that you really do serve up a lot of info, and provide an accurate phone number and email.”

Justin Smith Lee & Associates