Cost Segregation

Property Tax

Identify Opportunities by Asset Type

Within any location, filter your search by property type, building size, and recent sale information.

Using Reonomy’s 300+ search filters, dive into any location across the country to identify properties sold within the past year, enabling you to approach owners with tax reduction options.

Contact Decision Makers Directly

Gain immediate access to property owner contact information.

Instead of hoping your message reaches decision makers, speak directly with property owners by uncovering true owner names, phone numbers, email and mailing addresses.

Find Owners with Large Portfolios

Reonomy’s owner portfolio search lets you see every property that an owner has a stake in.

Approach prospects with an in-depth understanding of their portfolio to build faster relationships and win more business.

Integrate Your Existing Property Data

Upload lists of properties you have already identified as prospects.

Import your existing property data to match it with Reonomy’s expansive property owner data. From there, you can export a list of ownership information, including the names, phone numbers, email and mailing addresses of the property owners you’ve uploaded.

What our clients say:

“Now with Reonomy, I'm able to pull information from any part of the country and set certain parameters for the building as far as cost and asset type. It opens up the rest of the country.”

Greg Neely Cost Segregation

“I have two or three deals now that I’ve closed that I would not have had it not been for this platform - and I’ve only been using Reonomy for 2 months.”

Richy Trum CSSI