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Quickly discover, contact, and close deals with property owners in need of tax services.

Leads in Any Market

Open up your search and deal making capabilities with unlimited national search across all asset classes in every state and over 3,100 counties.

Cost Segregation

Cost Segregation

Connect with owners with large portfolios across the country.

Property Tax

Property Tax

Source properties with opportunities to save on taxes.

Tax Assessor

Tax Assessor

Understand properties for easier validation.


No Longer Stop Your Search at LLCs

Instantly unlock the TrueOwner for any commercial property, putting you in contact with decision makers in minutes.

“Now with Reonomy, I'm able to pull information from any part of the country and set certain parameters for the building as far as cost and asset type. It opens up the rest of the country.”

Greg Neely, Cost Segregation

“I have two or three deals now that I’ve closed that I would not have had it not been for this platform - and I’ve only been using Reonomy for 2 months.”

Richy Trum, CSSI

Identify Owners with Large Portfolios

Use your expertise to win more business with the highest value potential clients, so you can grow your business strategically.

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