In this webinar co-hosted with NYU Stern School of Business,  we analyze historical market trends through the last 50 years.

Our experts address timely market concerns and pinpoint particular asset types and markets that are expected to be the hardest hit in commercial real estate, as well as make predictions for where the market is headed.

Discussion points:

Commercial property has not always been viewed as an investment asset class. And even when it was, it has only become more accessible as an investment in the last three decades or so.

COVID-19 Catch Up

Heading into the year 2020, most market participants were expecting the year to be overall positive. While there were areas of uncertainty (i.e., ongoing US/China trade negotiations, Brexit, US elections), there was little to no expectation for a global economic recession. US commercial property markets were benefiting from this positive growth and general optimism. However, within the first quarter of the year, all of that has changed – a pandemic has triggered fear and uncertainty across the global economy and all markets, including US commercial property.

Recessions in Focus

In the recent Reonomy Research report, titled “Back to the Future: What seven recessions can teach us about the next one” we examine the last 50 years and seven economic recessions in the US.

Potential Paths Forward

While many are trying to size the recession in duration and severity, there is also a lot of thought being given to the recovery that will follow.




Omar Eltorai
Market Analyst

Omar joined Reonomy in 2019 as Market Analyst, to produce research reports and conduct original analysis leveraging Reonomy’s extensive data set. Prior to Reonomy, Omar worked at BlackRock where he advised global financial institutional clients on issues concerning capital markets, balance sheet management, and complex transactions.

Joshua Negreira
Acting Director
NYU Stern – Center for Real Estate Finance Research

Joshua Negreira is the Acting Director at the Center for Real Estate Finance Research (CREFR) at NYU Stern School of Business. He oversees the MBA specialization and undergraduate track in real estate, serving as the advisor for both programs. Outside of NYU, his work in real estate includes construction management, multifamily development, and property management in NYC. He also offers real estate consulting services.