With a never-ending work schedule and finding new deals being the name of the game, investment sales brokers are constantly on the go, meeting clients, conducting presentations, attending training sessions or calling prospects. Access to mobile technology software and sales tools are key for brokers to be at the top of their game.



As the name suggests, todoist is an easy task management app on how to get s**t done. Staying on top of projects, coordinating things with your team, or reminders to pay a gas bill are some examples. Popular features of the app range from color-coded labels for organizing things, offline use and strong visuals to monitor your goals whether they may be daily, weekly or monthly.



A real-time collaborative app for presentations, Keynote allows you or your team to create professionally aesthetic slideshows easily. The app facilitates real-time collaboration which can be accessed on a Mac, iPad, iPhone or even on a PC through iWork for iCloud.




Evernote is a cross-platform app which allows you as an individual or as part of a team capture, organize and share notes and ideas. The app allows you to sync content across any device from phone, tablet, computer at any time. Its top three use cases are for connecting teams, managing projects and collecting research.




The modern-day instant messenger, Slack is a cloud-based collaboration tool for enterprises of all sizes. The app combines conversations in the form of individual chats, group chats, and channels for specific topics, along with document sharing. The cherry on the cake with Slack is that it integrates existing tools in use on other platforms such as Salesforce and Zendesk into your workflow.




An easy and secure password manager which stores all of the passwords you could ever have under a master password system. 1P is a time efficient and productivity enhancement tool for you personally and/or for a team as it eliminates the inconvenience of dealing with forgotten passwords, scams and hacks.




Sanebox is an email management app which distinguishes between important and unimportant emails with precision. Features of the app range from smart filtering, email snooze and resurfacing out emails from the bottomless pit that is your spam folder.


Google Drive

If you haven’t heard of google drive you may have been living under a rock for the last while, how and ever it is one of the most convenient file sharing and file storage systems as of late. It is cloud based meaning it takes up no physical space and everything you work on saves automatically. No more lost forever word files! All files, docs and folders can be viewed and edited by anyone who has the accessible link along with being linked to your email address.



To say that salespeople collect a lot of business cards is a massive understatement. One downside of business cards is that they are easily lost or misplaced. This can result in prospects falling under your radar– every prospect counts right? With the CamCard app you can digitize your cards with a simple photo and instantly save the contact information to your phone.


With the world’s largest professional network at your fingertips never walk into a meeting or call a prospect again without knowing their background. LinkedIn allows you to see an individual’s professional background, mutual connections and the ability to converse with them directly on the platform via the Inmail feature. Joining LinkedIn is free and with their user friendly mobile app, the site can help set you up for success.




As an investment sales broker, Reonomy may well be your new best friend. In a nutshell, it is a technology platform with over 49 million commercial properties listed across the U.S. The properties listed are off-market, allowing brokers to find hidden gems. A wide range of search filters exist from searching by asset class or searching by location. Other features include capabilities to pierce through the LLC and unlock ownership information, which can save a broker a significant amount of time and resources in sourcing potential deals.





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