Let’s be real for a second: productivity, amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, feels like a thing of the past.

While working from home should theoretically lend itself to getting more stuff done, it’s more difficult than it seems. Families and roommates can be disruptive, as does the lure of watching Netflix on the couch. Simply put, working from home in quarantine is no cakewalk.

But for commercial real estate professionals, specifically, sales brokers, there are some silver linings: productivity apps.

Between meeting clients, conducting presentations, attending train sessions and calling prospects, your schedule is seemingly endless, especially while doing it all remotely.

Struggling to get it all done? There’s an app for that. Now more than ever, mobile productivity apps, software and sales tools are key to helping you stay on top of your game. Keep reading for the top 10 productivity apps you’ll want to use as an investment sales broker.

Apps for Organization

As a sales broker, organization is a top priority in and outside of quarantine. Use these productivity apps to keep contracts, schedules, and deal workflows in order.


To Do lists can be overwhelming. Things pile up, deadlines loom and next thing you know, you’re drowning in an infinite pool of tasks that need completion. As the name suggests, Todoist is an easy task management app that helps you get things done and avoid the dreaded endless To Do list.

Todoist works by making your list of tasks clear and concise the moment they come to you. Using  color-coded labels and strong visuals, you can check things off as you go and see your progress daily, weekly and monthly. You can even favorite things or create subtasks to get drill deep and get even more granular.

  • Quarantine Tip: The best part is, it can be used as a team. This is important especially when working remotely. So, if there’s a deal coming up, you can delegate tasks, be alerted when a task’s status has changed and stay up-to-date in real time.


Remembering passwords for different accounts, applications and devices is tough. But if you use the same password, your cybersecurity is compromised. Luckily, there’s 1Password. 

1Password is an easy and secure password manager that offers users a safe place to store their passwords, licenses and other sensitive information. So no more forgetting passwords or jotting them down on sticky notes—1P is a time efficient and productivity enhancement tool for you and for your team, as it eliminates the inconvenience of dealing with forgotten passwords, scams and hacks.


Few things are worse than an overcrowded, unorganized inbox. For sales brokers where time is of the essence, you need to have your inbox in tip-top shape.

Sanebox is an email management app that distinguishes important and unimportant emails with precision. Integrate it directly with your Gmail, Windows or any other account to sort your email in a clean, concise way. Important emails will automatically file right into your inbox for your attention. Everything else goes into your “sanebox”, so you can, well, stay sane.

Other features include from smart filtering, email snooze and resurfacing out emails from the bottomless pit that is your spam folder.


If you’re a fan of sticky notes, Trello might be the app for you.

Like Todoist, Trello is all about simplifying your workload. While Todoist is a bit more detailed, Trello has a clean, sleek user interface that mimics sticky notes. Individuals and teams can build boards, assign cards (which look like stickies), and move them throughout the stages of their workflows. Project information is available at a glance, so sales brokers can quickly see what’s in the pipeline, what’s in negotiation, and what’s complete.

Apps for Communication

Pandemic or not, effective collaboration is still key. Whether it’s with prospects or teammates, below are three productivity apps to help streamline your interactions.


Think of Slack as the modern-day instant messenger.

The app, which is a favorite amongst offices of all shapes and sizes,  is a cloud-based collaboration tool that combines conversations in the form of individual chats, group chats, and themed channels. Whether you’re sending documents back to your internal team or scheduling time with a client, Slack is a great communication app for sales brokers.

The cherry on top? Slack integrates with other platforms, such as Salesforce and Zendesk, so you can get notifications and updates in one, single workflow.


Evernote actually doubles as an organization and a communication app.

The cross-platform tool allows you as an individual or as part of a team to capture, organize and share notes and ideas. Evernote allows you to sync content across any device from phone, tablet, computer at any time, enabling teams to stay up-to-date no matter where their members might be.

  • Quarantine Tip: This app is especially effective when adjusting to remote work. Whether it’s sharing a meeting agenda with a client or sending internal notes about an opportunity you want to get on your team’s radar, Evernote allows you to  access and review notes in real-time.


Zoom has been a game-changer for working amidst the pandemic.

Zoom allows you to make HD video calls from anywhere with an internet connection. Its detailed, full screen video is easy to use and fairly glitch-free, so if you don’t have to worry about image quality with an important prospect or client.

If you’re hosting a team meeting, its grid view allows you to see everyone on the call.  Plus, it allows you to present powerpoint slides and record videos with up to 100 people. Plans and pricing vary, but you can host 40 minute meetings to start for completely free.

Apps for Prospecting

In commercial real estate, every prospect counts. These three apps will allow you to elevate your deal-sourcing strategy to new heights to win more business, no matter where you are.


To say that salespeople collect a lot of business cards is a massive understatement. One downside of business cards is that they are easily lost or misplaced. This can result in prospects falling off the radar, a major issues for sales brokers.

With the CamCard app, you can easily digitize your business cards with a simple photo and instantly save the contact information to your phone. Even better, you can add notes, reminders, tags and more to your digital business cards, enabling you to make more personalized connections with your prospects. With CamCard, everything you need to save new contact information is just a click away.


As a sales broker, you know how important it is to learn about your client before you chat with them. With the world’s largest professional network at your fingertips, never call a prospect again without knowing their background.

LinkedIn allows you to see an individual’s professional background, mutual connections and career goals in one fell swoop. So, if you’re prepping for a meeting, you can brush up on their background beforehand.

Generally, LinkedIn is a terrific networking tool too. Rather than collecting business cards, you can simply create a profile and connect with your prospects on LinkedIn. Or, if you want to reach out cold, the platform provides an Inmail feature for direct messaging, so you can reach out and introduce yourself to potential prospects. Joining LinkedIn is free and with their user friendly mobile app, and the site really can help set you up for success.


As an investment sales broker working from home, Reonomy may well be your new best friend. The property intelligence platform almost acts as a suite of productivity apps, so you can discover new deals, research markets and reach out to owners all in one place.

How does it work? Its robust web application harnesses property, people and company information on more than 50 million properties across the United States. It’s NOT a listings platform; the properties are all off market, allowing brokers to uncover hidden gems.

Using a wide range of search filters spanning features like asset class, location, sales history, tenants and more, sales brokers can find the exact commercial properties they’re looking for. Then, they can unlock a building’s complete history, including piercing through the LLC to unlock accurate ownership information—a major time-saver on the productivity front.

  • Quarantine Tip: Working together? Reonomy’s team modules can streamline team workflows so you can share insights and keep track of opportunities all in one, secure place.

The best part is, Reonomy provides you with current contact information, so you have everything you need (emails, phone numbers, mailing addresses) to reach out and strike a deal.

The Power of Productivity

As a sales broker, your time is your most valuable resource. While working from home can put a strain on time management, these productivity apps can help you get organized, communicate better and source more lucrative deals in just a few clicks.

Want more ideas on how to enhance workplace productivity? Read more, here. 

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