Your property search, made easy. All the property data you need, one site. Reduce time spent searching & improve accuracy.


Better inform your market understanding with data science. Analyze any building or area with accurate building level, owner, sales and debt data.


Layer Reonomy data into your existing internal databases to improve your breadth and depth of commercial real estate data.

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Spend less time searching for accurate info, more time closing deals.

Unlimited searching of 49 million commercial properties at your fingertips. Find your targets by filtering sales, debt, property and geographic criteria that is relevant to you. Go beyond the LLC and get to the decision maker with owner contact details.

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Reonomy Data Solutions


Empower your team with accurate data and efficient navigation.

Integrate Reonomy data into your internal systems to make yourself & your company more efficient in terms of searching, researching and enriching. Use the ‘Reonomy property ID’ to enable property resolution and consolidate different data sources. Enrich your data by increasing the detail on properties or expanding your coverage to new areas or asset classes.

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A simple, revolutionary platform

We’ve built a single source for commercial real estate data that will save you countless hours and transform the way you do business. Reach the right commercial real estate owners and borrowers, at the right time, to close more deals.

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What our clients say:

“Reonomy data allows us to make quicker and more informed decisions backed by a wealth of historically untapped data.”

James Nelson Avison Young

“From providing WeWork with leading industry intelligence to powering database efficiency, Reonomy’s enterprise products play an instrumental role in our data initiatives.”

David Fano WeWork

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