As a commercial debt broker or lender, there’s no longer a choice of whether or not you should be using CRE software.

It’s simply a matter of figuring out which tools best fit your needs.

Today, tools exist to help with virtually every need of a mortgage broker or lender.

Whether it’s generating mortgage leads, general marketing, or loan origination and process automation, there is a piece of software available to help.

In this post, we’re going to look at 14 loan software tools that mortgage brokers and lenders can utilize to assure that they’re getting the most out of their daily routine.

Commercial Loan Software

With such high levels of data and information available, there’s no reason for mortgage brokers and lenders to enter into any business venture without the proper vetting process.

Mortgage software allows you to find more qualified leads, assess the risk of those leads, and convert and maintain those leads as clients, all through more accurate, more automated processes.

By fueling your individual and/or organizational systems and decision-making processes with the right software, you can assure that you’re running as smoothly as possible, and as profitably as possible.

Prospecting Software

Without leads, of course, there won’t be many commercial loans to automate in the first place.

Thankfully, there are commercial real estate software tools that can be used to generate highly targeted mortgage leads.

Aside from your regular marketing and outbound lead generation efforts, you can use the Reonomy Platform to generate refinance leads in just a few clicks.


Lenders and debt brokers can use Reonomy to search for properties that show indications of needing to refinance a loan.

By searching for commercial properties with specific loan origination and maturity dates, lenders can find commercial assets of any kind, in any location, likely to refinance in the near future.

Reonomy helps you identify lenders and past and present mortgages on any commercial property with the help of a few key filters.

Once you’ve identified properties of interest, you can build a list to begin your outreach process.

Reonomy also provides the name, number, and email address of the key decision makers behind commercial properties, so you can contact them directly and make your pitch.

Case Study: Lender from TD Bank Turns Days of Work into Minutes

Loan Origination and Servicing Software

Generating leads is a task on its own.

For mortgage brokers and originators, however, the software is available to help with the actual risk assessment, loan origination, and processing necessary for the job.

The following tools are best for the full-service of commercial and residential real estate loans.

Encompass® by Ellie Mae

Encompass automates digital mortgage processing, allowing you to easily manage the commercial loan origination process.

The software handles the entire process, from customer relationship management post-close, to shipping and more.

Encompass Mortgage Software

The program also allows you to customize the system to suit your business needs, enabling you to sync up other software you may be using and upload important documentation.

You’ll also receive support from the app’s in-house IT team, who will talk you through the platform and will assist you with any problems or queries you have along the way.


RealINSIGHT simplifies the management and tracking of commercial loans. With their comprehensive data model, you can customize their online platform with additional modules and graphs that pinpoint every step of your process.

You can also use their interactive system to search for specific locations, data, and documentation.

RealINSIGHT lets users oversee the entire underwriting process, and gives you an overview of your own loan summary and risk rating.


Maybe you’re not exactly sure what size loan a borrower may qualify for…

OpenClose allows you to undertake an accurate, detailed analysis of a borrower’s profile to determine their loan eligibility, increase your overall loan quality, and therefore increase profitability.

The OpenClose system relies on a team of experienced mortgage specialists who maintain an up-to-date database of investor guidelines and pricing.

This ensures that the information you’re getting from them is reliable and is served up essentially in real-time.

Lender Price

LenderPrice boasts advanced analytics software that can be used to search and compare different costs and products on the commercial real estate market.

They neatly package data from thousands of sources into an easy-to-read graph that allows you to effortlessly compare all of the info they offer and build valuable insights.

Crest™ by Banker’s Toolbox

Banker’s Toolbox offers CRE Stress Testing, otherwise known as Crest™.

Crest provides financial entities with a look at their current loan portfolio, and makes predictions and calculations based on layers of existing loan and appraisal information.

Bankers Toolbox Crest Mortgage Software

This tool lets you quickly get a big picture view of your current portfolio and analyze risk, all the while saving the time you’d normally have to spend digging for and compiling information.


Calyx recognizes the “complexities of the loan origination process. From compliance to centralized data to configuring your workflow…”

Because of that, they’ve built an all-in-one system for lenders to use for easy loan origination.

Calyx Mortgage Software

Their software allows for online loan application and document exchanges, while also keeping all documents and records in one centralized location for users.

Calyx also offers mobile access to their software for those that might rely on the platform even while away from the office.


FICS Commercial Servicer® software allows for the automation of commercial loan servicing, from origination to processing payments, generating reports, and much more.

They also offer a Commercial Servicer API, so lenders can connect third-party tools to their interface and build out their origination workflow even more.

FICS provides full-service automation for commercial lenders through a range of products that can be integrated with many others.


LendingWise has perhaps more product options than any other software tool in this list.

It provides debt brokers, originators, underwriters, investors, and other CRE professionals with CRM capabilities, loan origination, loan servicing, asset management, loss mitigation, and many other capabilities.

A big part of LendingWise’s appeal to lenders and debt brokers is their ability to create scalable origination and servicing processes. Their products are for lenders of all sizes.

They provide both debt professionals and borrowers with a much more streamlined process of commercial loan origination and management.

Marketing Software

Let’s say you rely on Reonomy to generate high-quality leads, and one of the aforementioned tools for origination and servicing automation.

It’s still very important to have the right ongoing marketing automation in place to be sure that your brand name stays relevant and generates leads of its own.

Below, see a combination of different marketing tools to consider to best manage your marketing and advertising efforts.


Every commercial mortgage broker needs a professional website to promote their business. WordPress is arguably the best of the best when it comes to website design.

The WordPress builder allows you customize every aspect of your website. While the open-source nature of WordPress can be intimidating to some, but its powerful and customizable features are currently unparalleled.

We also recommend checking out the popular Yoast plugin that allows you to create SEO-optimized web pages and blog posts and analyze how successful your content will be at bringing new traffic to your site.  

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

While not uniquely tailored to the CRE market, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is still a great tool to help you find new leads.

Using the company’s advanced search tool you can find several potential prospects based on location, company size, and a variety of other factors.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides a number of suggestions for prospects that you may have not previously thought of.

It also crawls the net for prospects that match a similar profile to your other relevant LinkedIn connections.


Did you know that the average ROI for email marketing is $36.00 for every $1.00 you spend?

As such, the $10.00 you’ll spend every month on MailChimp to help you build email successful email marketing campaigns is money well spent.

MailChimp also provides you with many templates to help you create lead-generating emails, as well as a handy analytic tool, and email automation.

Be sure to customize each of your email templates. MailChimp is a popular service and you’ll want to ensure that your emails don’t end up looking like carbon copies of other emails arriving in your prospects’ inboxes.


Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that has garnered several rave reviews from commercial mortgage brokers and other real estate professionals around the internet.

The Salesforce interface lets you track and manage your leads, marketing campaigns, and client interactions all in one place.

We also like that you can use the software to sync your contacts from Outlook to easily manage your customer accounts.


HubSpot allows you to build on your leads and analyze your business metrics, documenting and organizing all of your client interactions on a very visual database.

You can also use HubSpot to create emails that help convert leads into clientele, with a range of templates to choose from and notifications that let you know when your emails have been opened.

You can essentially use Hubspot to tie together all of your email and content efforts, even integrating it with Salesforce to be sure that all of your leads and contacts are tracked from the first touch to conversion.

Finding the Right Recipe

As with anything, finding the perfect recipe of mortgage software for you and your organization will depend on your granular needs.

Therefore, you’ll likely have an assortment of the aforementioned tools.

Some professionals will need more tools than others, and most will rely on a different combination of tools than others.

Whatever the case may be, however, these commercial loan software tools help simplify your everyday routine and grow your business success as a broker, originator, or anything else.

It may take a process of elimination to find the best tools for you, but at the very least, the software mentioned in this article should at least serve as an example of what you could be using in your day-to-day.

For even more options, you can also visit Capterra’s lengthy list of loan origination software, with customer reviews and detailed descriptions immediately available.

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