Improve your online presence

With roofing contractors’ busy schedules, spending time online marketing and on social media may feel like a waste of your time. But, as many as 9 out of 10 Americans rely upon the Internet to find out about local businesses. If a business lacks a website or is inactive on social media, they miss out on free opportunities for generating leads.
Creating profiles on Facebook or LinkedIn can help to improve your online presence and increase your frequency of search. When companies and individuals are looking for a new roofing company, the first thing most people do is search google. Listing your company on associations and local listings, having a website, and social media profiles all create a higher likelihood of appearing in a search.

Evaluate your marketing efforts and objectives

Sometimes even established roofing companies need revamping. Start by taking a look at your business objectives for the year- how much do you hope to grow your business by? Think in terms of gross sales revenue for the year as well as quantifiable measures for customer retention and the number of leads brought in.
Then take a look at the marketing strategies you are using to get your roofing company’s name out there. Are you doing any advertising? What are you doing for that? What is your Return on Investment (ROI)? Your customer acquisition cost (basically, the overall per-customer cost of methods used to get a lead’s attention and then convert him or her to a customer)?
Use objective benchmarks to measure your marketing’s effectiveness, and do not be afraid to turn to new strategies or campaigns for greater possible gains.

Look for creative ways to attract leads

This is perhaps the most actionable item of these suggestions. With the arrival of tools like Reonomy, there are many ways in which you can reach out to prospects and attract their attention like never before. Reonomy, in particular, represents a great opportunity for commercial roof contractors. Many important decision-makers contacts are available, including business owners and property managers. Use this platform for developing key connections that can lead to commercial roof projects.
Be sure to sign up for a free trial of Reonomy as a way of generating leads for your commercial roofing company.
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