For commercial brokers and service providers of all kinds, the struggle in maximizing the number of calls you make per day to property owners is often a matter of call quality and effective prioritization.

Here, we’ll show you how to maximize your productivity and make 300+ calls a day to property owners, without losing any conversational value.

Making 300 the Norm

You may be thinking, “me, just one person, making three hundred calls in a day?”

Yep, that’s right. It’s very possible. How do we know?

Reonomy’s three sales development reps, Matt, Tucker, and Jordan, hit 300 prospect calls on a regular basis. “Dials, demos, and deals,” (as they say) don’t come easy to everyone, but these three make 300 look like a walk in the park.

Reonomy SDRs

From top to bottom: Me (writing this article in the background), Matt, Tucker, and Jordan.

You know what they say… A picture is worth a thousand calls. (Or something like that).

Anyway, on to the important part—learning how you can emulate Matt, Tucker, and Jordan and maximize your dials and deals with property owners.

How to Make 300+ Calls a Day to Property Owners:

  1. Go beyond just a CRM.
  2. Chase smaller goals throughout the day.
  3. Keep an organized call calendar.
  4. Mix and match call types.
  5. Keep your small-talk small.
  6. Know when to pull the cord.
  7. Have a short memory.

1. Go beyond just a CRM.

If you were to research what software CRE professionals should be using, you’ll likely do a lot of reading about CRMs.

Truth is, your full outreach tech stack can, and should, go well beyond just a CRM.

A top-of-the-line tech stack for brokers and service providers could include some combination of the following (including when to use the software):

Software Use(s)
Before, During, and After a Call:
1) Lead management
2) Record notes on prospects
3) Refer to notes during call
Google Hangouts Chat
1) Internal communication
BEFORE a call:
Reonomy 1) Build targeted lead lists
2) Find owner contact info
1) Track upcoming calls
2) Call via browser
DURING a call:
Reonomy 1) Real-time portfolio analysis
1) Contact sequence tracking
2) Live Call Transferring
3) Live scheduling
Google Hangouts
1) Video conferencing
2) Screen sharing
AFTER a call:
1) Document sharing & sending
1) Review/Record call activity
2) Scheduling

2. Chase smaller goals throughout the day.

Set smaller, incremental call numbers and hit them in bursts. Pace is key to reaching 300 calls.

Start the day by targeting 50 calls. When you hit 50, take a breather. Get up and stretch, grab some coffee.

Then, sprint through your next 50 calls, and take another break. Another 50, and you’re ready for lunch.

By “sprinting” to shorter goals and taking true mental breaks, you can assure that you’re continuously moving and making more focused, efficient dials.

3. Keep an organized call calendar.

An organized call calendar lets you seamlessly hop from one call to the next with no lag whatsoever.

Spend ample time at the beginning and end of each day making sure your call calendar is organized as possible.

4. Mix and match call types.

Mix first-time calls with as many follow-ups as possible.

Aim to schedule at least 10% of your daily calls as follow-ups.

Not only does this bring variety to your conversations, but these calls can be shorter and more direct since you’ve already gone through introductions.

5. Keep your small-talk small.

While it’s important to be natural in a conversation, be conscious of wasting time with small talk.

Keep your call script short, sweet, specific, and powerful, and deliver it with a warm tone. Include specific dollar amounts, dates, and references to individual properties.

For example, say you’re a commercial roofer speaking with an owner recently hit by a hail storm. Start with something like:

Reonomy Roofer Phone Sales Pitch

Next step would be to qualify their interest. Learn about them, their company, properties, ownership history, and current owner intent. For a sales broker, that might sound something like:

Reonomy Sales Broker Phone Pitch

Or, say, for a commercial mortgage broker:

Reonomy Mortgage Broker Phone Pitch

6. Know how to pull the cord.

Knowing when and how to properly end a call is a gigantic part of reaching 300 calls in a day. It’s a massive time-saver—one that shouldn’t effect the outcome of a call.

If nothing is left to be said, move the conversation to a close—and do so in a friendly manner.

Cordially ejecting from a call is a matter of being honest:

“I just want to be transparent with you, so if this is something you’re not interested in, please let me know, as I don’t want to waste your time or mine.”

You also need to end productive calls at the right time. It’s always going to feel great to spur interest in a prospect, but if the rest of the exchange can be handled via email, SMS, or another agent, move the call to an end:

“I’ll put you in touch with another agent to discuss our current rates and terms.”


“I’ll email you more information and make a note to call next week and check-in.”

7. Have a short memory.

A lot of people are not going to answer the phone, and not every property owner is going to be ecstatic to talk to you.

To get to 300, you need to forget the inevitable losses. Keep smiling and dialing. Build on the positives and keep the quality of your phone conversations at the forefront.

The only call you need to focus on is your current call.

But don’t forget everything, of course. An inefficient 300 calls isn’t helping anyone.

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