Following the announcement of Reonomy’s recent Series D funding (more on that here), we sat down with Devon Siegel, our VP of People, to better understand what a $60 million round of funding means for the company’s culture and growth heading into 2020.


So Devon, did you ever think you would be sitting here, close to two years after joining Reonomy, talking about expansion plans following a series D raise?

Absolutely, I genuinely believe that we are standing here today BECAUSE of the dedicated team we have built. From the beginning, we have placed emphasis on finding top-tier talent, passionate about the company we are building, and we are now realizing the benefits of hiring with intention and alignment to our values.

What does the Series D funding mean for Reonomy’s recruiting function?

Understanding the ambitious hiring goals we have planned for 2020, we have started to scale the Recruiting team to support the growth needs of the rest of the business.

We need to ensure that with this sharp increase in hiring, we can offer the training and support needed for employees at varying stages of development and across many disciplines. With this in mind, we will also be investing heavily in a larger office space in New York City along with internal training and learning & development initiatives to improve our employee experience.

How will Reonomy keep up with hiring amid planned expansion in 2020?

I had my start in recruiting for enterprise software technology and am proud of the work we have done to leverage our strong network in the Technology and CRE communities to more than double our headcount in the last year. Over the next year, our plan is to once again double our team’s headcount to ensure that we have the infrastructure in place to support that growth.

How will the team continue to live it’s core values during a time of rapid expansion?

At Reonomy, our core values are grit, integrity, ownership, results-driven, and humility and we aim to keep these values at the core of all hiring practices. For hiring managers, we run training specifically aimed at reinforcing and listening for those values.

In 2020, our team also plans to roll out a series of programs to recognize and reward team members who demonstrate each of our values.

How will Reonomy’s candidates and employees “feel” this latest round of funding? How will it impact their day-to-day?

I touched on a few of these. There are some key areas where I know candidates and employees will experience the impact of the Series D funding the most, including:

  • Competitive salary offerings and expanded benefit offerings

  • More formalized professional development opportunities, in the form of learning & development and sponsorship of external programming and events

  • A new (and improved office space) to accommodate our growing team of Reonomists! From day one, we have selected offices with open, transparent workspaces and will ensure that our next office provides that same collaborative environment.

Which roles will Reonomy’s recruiting team prioritize for the rest of 2019 and into 2020?

As we look to expand our machine learning capabilities, we’ll place emphasis on our data science and engineering recruitment, specifically on data analysts and data engineers. Our team will also be heavily investing in Operations and Recruiting to ensure our organization is equipped with the infrastructure and technology stacks to deliver on our company vision.


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