In case you missed it, we recently announced a new strategic partnership with leading data, analytics and service provider, CoreLogic.

Not to toot our own horn, but this is a big deal—for us, and our customers. Since early 2018, CoreLogic has been a pivotal component in our data aggregation strategy, enabling us to collect and fuse corresponding ownership and transactional information.

Now, CoreLogic leads our diverse data network as a preferred provider, and we’re certainly excited to share the news. With CoreLogic, we’re empowered to continue successfully collecting and integrating CRE data for more comprehensive insights. But enough about us. What does this mean for YOU? Read on to learn more… 

Demystifying our Data Aggregation Strategy

To understand what CoreLogic’s position means for our clients, it helps to understand how our data collection strategy actually works. Aggregating data isn’t easy—especially in a market as diverse and disparate as commercial real estate. To simplify it, think of it as a mosaic—holistic property data is comprised of many different parts of all shapes and sizes that come together to create the full picture.

At Reonomy, public records and county datasets are the first “tiles” laid down. Available intel varies from county to county, but this information serves as the baseline of our data collection strategy.

Like a mosaic, though, there are other “tiles” that need to be added–these tiles represent the information that isn’t available through these public sources and are only accessible through private data partners like CoreLogic.

For example, an asset’s owning LLC might be public information available to anyone. But the actual owner names and contact information behind that LLC might be hidden by a private data distributor.

Or, maybe public data shows the date of when an asset last sold, but doesn’t provide coinciding mortgage information, like lender name and amount—a private data vendor might have access to this information, which is why we partner with them to fill in these gaps.

And finally, every mosaic needs grout. This is the glue that fills in the empty spaces, connecting and fusing each tile together for the final result. Without it, everything falls apart.

The “grout” is our technology—the machine learning, artificial intelligence and algorithms that stitch information from public and private data sources together and keeps them from growing disparate. When applied to the data we collect, our platform provides a 360-degree view of a property at stake. This complete mosaic is what empowers our customers to access holistic, more accurate CRE insights that fuel more strategic decision-making down the line.

How CoreLogic Data Helps

Adding CoreLogic to our data network augments the overall quality, accuracy and depth of the commercial real estate data we offer our customers. As the leading provider of consumer, financial and property analytics, CoreLogic’s database encompasses an expansive treasure trove of valuable information–a crucial set of “tiles” in our mosaic. Now, as a preferred private partner, we’re one of the only CRE data providers able to aggregate and integrate these insights into our platform.

What Does This Mean For You?

For one, it means you have access to robust industry insights not all other professionals have at their disposal. You have a competitive edge, with updated ownership, sales, debt and tax records on more than 50 million properties available at your fingertips.

This also means you can unlock a more complete, connected property “mosaic.” With CoreLogic and our technology as the “grout,” we’re able to stitch and integrate accurate transactional, physical, and ownership information more seamlessly. In turn, you and our other customers are armed to build a source of truth–one reliable resource that enables you to easily uncover property-related intel you might struggle to find elsewhere.

With CoreLogic and the dozen of other private providers that form our data network, we’re armed to serve the best-in-class market insights needed to move businesses forward. We’re thrilled by this partnership and are eager to help more companies into the era of digital connection. Stay tuned for more data network update–this certainly won’t be the last.

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