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The 11 Best Mortgage News Sites and Publications

The business of commercial lending resides in an ever changing landscape.

Regulations come and go, and commercial and residential loan products are created or evolve to respond to consumer and investor demands.

The good news:

There is no shortage of information online and offline to inform and educate lending professionals—everything from general news to mortgage information on individual assets.

There are highly regarded publications and platforms that have the information you need to stay abreast in the industry.

Here, we’ll take a look at the ones you should be paying attention to.

Scotsman Guide

Scotsman Guide was founded in 1985 and has evolved into one of the most highly regarded publications in the industry.

“The guide,” as it is sometimes referred to, has been widely recognized by several associations.

The magazine has won awards from the Society of Professional Journalists Awards, the Western Publishing Association Awards, and the American Society of Business Press Editors.

Scotsman Guide Mortgage News

Scotsman Guide currently publishes two separate magazines, one for residential and another for commercial lending.

Both magazines are available in print and digital editions.

Their website has a very comprehensive public library of information which includes an archive of the digital version of their publication.

There is a wealth of information regarding all aspects of lending on the guide’s website that’s available to originators as well as the general public.

Loan originators are able to set up a completely free profile on the Scotsman Guide website.

This is a valuable online resource for originators looking to establish their online presence. Subscribers are able to publish content in the form of blog posts.

One of the most popular features of the Scotsman Guide is its expansive lender database.

Whether you’re looking for commercial or residential wholesale lenders, warehouse lines, etc., you will find a home for your loans as an originator.

Scotsman Guide Mortgage News

With a massive subscriber base, advertisers of every type of real estate loan service can find a very captive audience by running placements in the Scotsman Guide.

Walk into any wholesale lender’s office or established retail lending operations, and somewhere in the office you will find the guide. It is ubiquitous.

Mortgage Bankers Association

The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) is headquartered in Washington D.C.

It is the national organization representing all aspects of real estate finance.

Practically every major player in the real estate lending business is a member of the MBA.

MBA Mortgage News and Research

In addition to offering a wide array of resources available to the industry, the Mortgage Bankers Association is also an advocate for the industry.

MORPAC, MBA’s Political Action Committee, is one of the most active PACs representing the voice of the members and the industry as a whole.

The MBA has an extensive selection of educational courses.

Members and non-members are allowed to take their training courses. Members, of course, get substantial discounts on education, training, and conferences offered by the Mortgage Bankers Association.

The annual MBA conference is one of the most attended conferences in the real estate finance industry.


The C-Loans website is a commercial lender databank, completely free to commercial lenders looking to place loans.

The website is a marketing portal for Blackburne & Sons Realty Capital Corporation, a commercial hard money lender.

C-Loans.com allows anyone to search for loans and rates from a database of 750 lenders.

C-Loans Mortgage News

The website’s focus is heavy on providing resources for commercial hard money lenders to find financing for practically any imaginable profitable project.

There are links for borrowers to find direct financing. Investors looking to put their money to work can invest with the parent company, Blackburne and Sons.

They claim the typical return on 1st trust deeds secured by income-producing real estate is a 9% yield.

For those who specialize in hard money lending, there is an extensive list of free resources such as a Commercial Mortgage Marketing Course, lists of up to 3,100 commercial lenders, commercial loan placement kits, and many more resources.

C-Loans.com also has an expansive offering of paid training courses for new and seasoned lenders.

You can purchase pre-licensing courses as well as courses in specialized industry skills such as underwriting commercial loans.

Commercial Mortgage Alert

Commercial Mortgage Alert, is a specialized alert service for those investing or interested in Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS).

Often referred to as just “CMAlert,” the site is a subscription-only service.

The price tag for a subscription is an indicator of the level of expertise of the audience they cater to.

For $6,197, you can enjoy all of the valuable information the alert has to offer for 46 weeks.

Subscribers can make use of the alert via email, the CM Alert website, and mobile app.

CM Alert Mortgage News

The CMAlert is for big league players.

Trustees, CLO Sponsors, Risk Retention Firms, Mezzanine Lenders, and Bookrunners are just some of those participating in Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities.

It is not unusual for deals to be in the billions of dollars with names such as Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America.

Commercial Mortgage Alert has the most comprehensive CMBS database covering the market since its inception in the mid-80s.

They provide a ranking of 14 different entities in the CMBS market, including REIT Bonds, CLO Sponsors, B-Piece buyers, and Bridge Lenders in both a Global and US rating category.

If you’re involved in CMBS, CMAlert is a must-have resource.

National Mortgage News

“No one dives deeper into the mortgage industry!”

National Mortgage News makes this bold claim on their subscription page. The publication is definitely a well-known resource within residential lending.

They publish a print magazine which they offer by subscription starting at around $32 a month billed annually to $45 a month for month-to-month subscribers.

National Mortgage News

They do have an online version which lists everything the print edition has available.

Many of the articles published are available in full to non-subscribers while only a preview version of their exclusive content is available for viewing.

The digital magazine is organized into sections covering origination, servicing, technology, compliance and regulation, and secondary.


National Mortgage Professional Magazine

National Mortgage Professional Magazine is a website and magazine geared toward residential mortgage originators.

They offer a great selection of news impacting originators. They offer marketing ideas and training resources as well.

National Mortgage Professional magazine mortgage news

One thing NMPM does better than many of the other magazines or websites is their presence on YouTube.

NMPM takes advantage of the oft-underused marketing channel, publishing new videos on a near-daily basis.

They also have a very active Twitter account which they post on multiple times a day.

NMPM offers great opportunities for loan originators who do not use their own video assets to market. They can use NMPM’s content as “curated content” for their social media sites or website.

CCIM Institute

CCIM Institute is a certification and training website and service.

Members of the CCIM Institute benefit from a well-known designation within the CRE space.

Their certification training involves actionable, advanced training and learning, and is required to bear the CCIM designation/title.

The Certified Commercial Investment Member designation is awarded to those who have gone through the institute’s training curriculum and demonstrated that they have extensive experience in commercial and investment real estate.

The website has a plethora of information reports and analysis on national and global commercial real estate.

The membership is comprised of CRE brokers working in smaller deals, properties typically under $10M.


The Reonomy blog is helpful for loan originators and lenders seeking prospecting tips and commercial real estate-specific industry insights.

Reonomy Mortgage News and Prospecting Tips

Originators and lenders can find a number of articles covering how to best find commercial mortgage leads, how to find contact information for property owners, and much more.

Reonomy has also contributed content for a portion of the publications in this list, including Scotsman Guide and CM Alert.

National Real Estate Investor

NREIonline.com is a portal for CRE news. Their website has news on all aspects of commercial real estate.

National Real Estate Investor Mortgage News

They publish a print magazine and a digital magazine which is available to registered members of their website. Registration is brief and free of charge.

The NREI website has an “NREI wire” section which summarizes the “10 Must Reads for the CRE Industry Today,” published five days a week.

It is a great way to scan top headlines in the industry in one place.

Commercial Observer

Commercial Observer is a news magazine and website covering all aspects of commercial real estate.

Their website content is available at different membership levels ranging from visitors which are allowed access to five articles per month to a premium+ membership.

The premium+ membership allows users to view all content on the website as well as a weekly Commercial Observer online magazine.

Commercial Observer Mortgage News

If news is what you are looking for, Commercial Observer will keep you well informed.

At the free membership level, you will also find a nice library of video content hosted on their website.

The videos are sharable which is a nice feature if you are looking to curate content for your social media accounts or website.

Wall Street Oasis

The Wall Street Oasis (WSO) is a very different website from those listed above.

Their format is based on something that is not so common online anymore.

It is a website comprised of multiple online forums. WSO describes their website as “one of the largest and most entertaining finance communities online.”

Wall Street Oasis Mortgage News

Their audience is generally new and seasoned finance professionals looking to move up in their career.

WSO is a place to interact with others in the profession of commercial real estate.

You can network online and form relationships that may lead to job opportunities, joint ventures, and more. They have a mentorship forum and a resume review and job coaching service, both of which are paid features.

The website claims to have over 2 million posts and 4 million views per month.

That is clearly a very strong presence, so it’s clear they’re doing something right.

Other Options

Aside from the many industry specific publications and websites available to read through for mortgage news and updates, you can also turn to a number of mainstream news providers.

CNBC, The Washington Post, and The New York Times are just a few examples of publications that offer general CRE news—including recent deals and other mortgage news.

Local new publications will also have a great deal of commercial real estate-related information.

Take The Business Journals for example. With publications in markets across the entire country, they cover real estate transaction and other related CRE news.

Staying Informed, Connected, and Relevant

CRE is a vast professional field with many choices of market focus and career decisions.

You can use some combination of the above publications to stay on top of the industry in every aspect.

Know the movers and shakers, and keep an eye on everything that is happening in the commercial real estate world, locally and globally.

Improve your skill set, and connect and network with peers and those in other industries who may be vital to your success. All of those resources are available in the list.

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