While many Reonomy users begin their filtered search by adding either location or asset type filters, many users also like to begin by diving into specific property-level characteristics. This can be done by utilizing the Building & Lot filters within Reonomy’s search platform.

Reonomy Building and Lot Filters

The Building & Lot tab of the search page offers quite a bit of customization, with seven filters in total. The filters within this tab include Year built, Year renovated, Lot size, Lot acreage, Total units, Building area, and Zoning.

Zoning is the only filter in this tab that is not applied through in a range format, as all of the other filters are numbered measurements.

A variety of commercial real estate professionals can get use from this tab. You can use Building & Lot filters to search for properties, buildings, and lots of a specific size (in terms of square footage, acres, units, and more) and specific age (in terms of when they were built and/or renovated).

Reonomy Building Area Filters

To show you how to use each of these filters individually, we’re going to take a look at:

How to search by year built
How to search by year renovated
How to search by lot size
How to search by lot acreage
How to search by number of units
How to search by building area
How to search by zoning

How to search by year built:

When searching for buildings of a specific age, you can use the Year built filter. When using this filter, you can add a year range, which requires a high limit year and a low limit year. You could also simply add a year minimum or maximum by only adding a year to one end of your range.

Each end of your range can be added by clicking the dropdown box and selecting a year, or by typing in any year to-date.

Year Built Filter

How to search by year renovated:

Another way to search for buildings that have or have not been developed within a certain time frame is to search by year renovated. You can add this filter the same way that you would add a filter for year built.

You can either click the dropdown box and select a year, or directly type in any year to-date. You may also use this filter simply to add a ceiling or floor year, to search for buildings renovated before or after a single year.

Year Renovated Filter

How to search by lot size:

Year built and year renovated are the filters that allow you to search by building age. Searching by lot size is the first of four filters that allow you to search for a building or lot of a specific size. Lot size is measured in terms of square footage.

To search by lot size, you can again either add a range, or you can just add a size ceiling or floor to your search. You can add square footage to this filter the same way you would add years to the year built and renovated filters – by either selecting a predetermined number from the dropdown box, or by directly typing in a custom number.

Lot Size Filter

How to search by lot acreage:

Searching by lot acreage is essentially the same as searching by lot size, simply functioning with a different unit of measurement. Instead of searching by square footage, here, you can search by acreage. The distinction between searching by lot size or acreage simply comes down to the asset type at-hand – for example, vacant land (acreage) versus a multi family home (square footage).

Here, you can add either add a range, or one high/low limit by selecting a number from the dropdown box, or by typing in custom acreage directly into the search box.

Lot Acreage Filter

How to search by number of units:

Searching by total units is another way to search by the size of a building, but serves a separate purpose than that of lot size and lot acreage. It is a great way for you to search for rental unit properties without having to worry about the actual square footage of a building or lot.

Once again, this filter can be added with a full range, or with a single high/low limit. The number to be added here is more straightforward, as the number you add simply represents the exact number of units you’re looking for in a property.

Select the number of units from the dropdown box, or directly type in a custom range into the Total units section of the Building & Lot tab.

Total Units Filter

How to search by building area:

Another way to search for properties by building size is to search for a certain building area. This filter is also measured in square footage.

To add this filter, simply choose high and low-ends of your range from the dropdown box, or type in your desired range directly.

Building Area Search Filter

How to search by zoning:

You can also search by specific zoning delegations. You can use this filter to search for properties with very specific types of use.

The only way to add a building zoning filter is to enter the type of zoning directly into the search bar.

Zoning Filter

A versatile, granular way to search.

There are many different ways that you can use Reonomy’s building and lot filters – it all depends on your property search intent. For different types of commercial real estate professionals, building and lot filters represent the same thing, but with very different units of measurement. Some may look for a certain amount of units to purchase property and rent, while some may look for a certain lot acreage to buy and build upon.

By combining building and lot filters, any commercial real estate professional can dive into their most desired market with high granularity. Often times, the above filters are used in tandem to identify more specific lists of properties.

Building and Lot Filtered Search

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