The term “commercial cleaning” casts a fairly wide net.

Considering the many different types, sizes, and uses of commercial buildings, there are a great variety of cleaning needs for property owners and managers.

But in the end, from retail janitorial services, to industrial hazardous cleanup, and everything in between, leads are leads.

Commercial cleaning leads can be hard to come by if you don’t have pre-existing relationships with property owners and/or management companies.

So, how can you best search your market to find and contact the right property owners and property management companies? Here, we’ll show you.

There are three ways you can stockpile and engage with prospect owners and management company decision-makers:

1. Find Prospects and Contact Owners with Reonomy

2. Clean-Up Your CRE Marketing Efforts

3. Outsource Your Lead Gen with Commercial Cleaning Leads Services

How to Win More Commercial Cleaning Leads

From mastering your unique selling point (USP), to actually finding warm leads, “knowledge is power” when it comes to effective commercial real estate lead generation.

You need to know how to identify properties and owners that need your services. Then you need to know how to market to and connect with those owners.

With the right tools and marketing approach, however, you can pinpoint prospects and begin flooding your business with new commercial cleaning leads today.

Find Prospects and Contact Owners with Reonomy

One way to generate leads is to scour your market on the Reonomy Platform, where you can discover prospect owners based on the size and type of building they own, and/or based on the type of tenants in that building.

Targeting owners based on these categories enables you to build a targeted list of leads. From there, you can access owner contact information and reach out directly to win their business.

Let’s look at a more detailed example of what it looks like to find commercial cleaning leads using Reonomy.

Step #1: Search for Recent & Active Buyers

The first thing you can do is search for new property owners—those that have recently bought a property that fits within your scope.

Enter Reonomy’s search page and add filters for your target location and asset type.

Let’s say you’re a carpet cleaning company that focuses on office buildings in Stamford, Connecticut.

Commercial Cleaning Leads Stamford Connecticut

Once you’ve received your list of results, you can add sales filters to find properties that have recently been sold, signaling a new property owner/manager.

In that case, you’d search the platform for assets that have been sold in the recent past:

Most Recent Sale Date on a Property

This time, your list of results will only show new owners of office buildings in Stamford. That can be used as your lead list to then begin outreaching and winning business.

Building Tailored Campaigns for Your Lead List

With your lead list in place, you can learn about owners and their portfolios, then reach out to those owners, all with information within the Reonomy Platform.

Building details for each property include total building area, existing floor area ratio, number of stories, number of units, year built, year renovated, and more.

Reonomy Office Building Information

For example, you may want to only reach out to owners of properties of at least 25,000 square feet in building area.

You can analyze these granular property details, then unlock owner contact information of LLCs owners to get in touch with the property’s decision-makers.

Finding Property Owner Contact Information

By visiting the “Ownership” tab in any property profile page on Reonomy, you’ll be able to see the reported owner of that property, with their phone numbers and other contact details.

This enables you to reach out directly to decision makers of a property with a customized commercial cleaning pitch.

You’ll be doing so with a ton of valuable, granular information on them, just after they’ve settled into owning that property. This heightens your chance of winning their business significantly.

You can also use this in-depth building, owner, and contact information to build hyper-targeted marketing campaigns that you send directly to property owners.

Clean-Up Your CRE Marketing Efforts

Successfully generating commercial cleaning leads also depends on your ability to work out your unique selling point – what do you do better than your competition?

For example, are you a carpet cleaning service with exceptional turnaround rates?

Or is your commercial window cleaning service known for its warm and personable service?

Maybe you offer clients better or more flexible pricing options for cleaning jobs.

Brainstorm your business strengths using client testimonials and feedback from your team to gain a deeper insight into your leading advantages.

Your “USP” should be at the heart of your marketing strategy for commercial cleaning lead generation.

When developing your marketing strategy, incorporate strategies for both inbound and outbound lead generation. Inbound leads are leads that find you, through initiatives like content marketing.

In comparison, outbound leads are the leads that you source through your own prospecting campaigns.

Inbound Lead Generation

Inbound commercial cleaning leads are best generated through an SEO-optimized website, and a blog that provides leading content relevant to your target audience.

An SEO-optimized website should be driven by keywords relevant to your market and target location.

To boost lead generation, your website should be eye-catching, easy-to-read and navigate, include clear contact information, provide social proof (think case studies, logo showcasing, and testimonials), and include a clear “call to action.”

In addition, you can boost your SEO ranking with guest posts on popular industry blogs, a strong social media presence, and by adding your business details to online directories.

Social Media channels

Your blog content should be relevant and engaging to your potential clients, address their key business goals and pain points, and showcase your expertise in the field in an engaging way.

Blog content is a brilliant way to warm up a cold lead, as it builds credibility with your audience. Informative content is also a great way to develop rapport with your prospects, pushing them further towards the final sale.

For example, when creating lead-generating content for commercial janitorial leads, you could create content highlighting the benefits of a deep property clean or provide basic cleaning tips.

Take the time to research the latest trends in your niche industry and the common challenges faced by your desired clients.

You can also explore alternative content mediums to differentiate your marketing from the competition and highlight your USP.

For example, if you offer commercial wall and ceiling cleaning services, you may like to create a video showcasing your method and the results you can achieve for your clientele.

Outbound Lead Generation

Outbound lead generation complements inbound lead generation by widening your audience.

Beyond the classic canvassing strategies, approaching commercial property owners in person and cold calling, there are several highly-effective outbound strategies to utilize to help you gain commercial cleaning leads.

Attending networking events in your niche and commercial real estate presentations can help put your business in front of a large number of promising prospects.

Speaking at an event can strengthen your status as an expert in the field. In addition, approaching current and past clients for referrals can also be a great source of warm leads for your business.

When it comes to generating commercial cleaning leads, also take into account how to best work with your core pain-points.

When setting out to generate more commercial janitorial leads for your business, you may find that you don’t have a sizable budget for lead generation.

Other commercial cleaning business owners may find that they don’t have the marketing know-how to effectively profile and sell their business to potential clientele. As such, it’s important to have a clear picture of both your advantages and your pain-points when focusing on lead-generation.

Factor in the time it will take to master new marketing skills, your ROI, the manpower available, and carefully research and chart how long it will likely take you to see results from your lead-generation endeavors.

While an SEO campaign and expert content could provide you with a large number of qualified leads in the long-run, you may not see results until the six-month mark.

In comparison, cold-calling may provide low-conversion rates, but you’re likely to generate business far more quickly than the inbound marketing route.

Also factor in the time and cost of learning about or investing in the various lead generation approaches available to you.

You may be tempted to invest in telemarketing training, or find you need to work your way through a large stack of marketing books to perfect the craft. Research the key strategies carefully to find the best approaches for your budget, schedule, and business ambitions.

Outsource Your Lead Gen with Commercial Cleaning Leads Services

Aside from taking the reins on your business marketing, there are also several commercial cleaning leads services with expertise and reach that you can take full advantage of to grow your business.

Commercial cleaning lead services specialize in directing an influx of quality leads to your door. However, before you decide on the right service provider for your business, it’s important to research the different providers on the market.

Will they deliver warm, qualified leads, ready to purchase your commercial cleaning services? Or will you be funneled a selection of cold leads that won’t result in a sale?

When comparing commercial cleaning leads services, social proof is everything.

Has this business provided high-quality leads that have turned into new business for their past clients? Are they experts in working with clients in your specialty?

These questions can easily be answered by reading past case studies, reviews, and client testimonials.

Browsing the market, Callbox Inc. offers lead-generation services for the majority of commercial cleaning service providers, from hardwood floor care to ceiling and wall cleaning.

Callbox Inc. offers a range of impressive case studies on its website, presenting the company as a credible lead-generation provider worthy of your investment.

In addition, 99 Calls is also a great choice for commercial cleaning leads services that specialize in lead generation for janitorial services. 99 Calls can help generate targeted leads with a SEO-driven online campaign.

As with Callbox Inc., 99 Calls backs up its promises with verified reviews and strong client testimonials.

Your Ultimate Guide to Commercial Cleaning Leads

You can supercharge your strategy for generating high-quality commercial cleaning leads by sourcing warm leads using Reonomy, listings platforms, online directories, and connecting to your target market through inbound and outbound marketing methods.

Ensuring you have a broad strategy that incorporates a range of methods will help ensure you consistently acquire a large number of warm leads for a thriving commercial cleaning business.

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