Affiliate programs are a mutually beneficial business growth and marketing tactic, where businesses partner with select individuals and companies to connect with new clients, paying the partner for every visitor or customer that’s brought in through the program.

There are tons of affiliate options in virtually every industry.

While they typically require a certain level of expertise and dedication, they can be a great source for building connections and generating income.

Given the handshake-driven, relationship-heavy nature of real estate, commercial loan broker affiliate programs can be an especially good resource for winning new business.

Affiliate Programs and the Commercial Real Estate Industry

Many affiliate programs, including those for commercial lending, are targeted at service professionals who already have an existing customer base of small businesses.

Attorneys, accountants, insurance agents, bankers, and real estate brokers are all a perfect fit for commercial loan broker affiliate programs.

For example, CRE brokers lease or sell properties to retail shops, restaurants, professional service companies, manufacturers, and a variety of other small to mid-size businesses, which most likely need to borrow funds from time to time in order to finance or expand their operations.

Thus, the broker has a perfect opportunity to market their lending business to an already-targeted audience, generate a high volume of commercial loan leads, and add a significant additional income stream for themselves.

In sections below, we’ll review some of the more notable loan broker affiliate programs around the country that are helping commercial debt professionals generate the most business.

Affiliate Programs Specializing in Real Estate Financing

Walnut Street Finance

Walnut Street Finance is a private money lender that provides funding options to small and mid-size real estate developers and investors in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Washington, DC.

Walnut St Finance Loan Broker Affiliate Program

The company funds short-term loans (up to 24 months) and can close in as few as 3 to 5 days.

Their broker referral program is open to commercial and residential agents, attorneys, mortgage officers, appraisers, contractors, and other real estate professionals.

The company pays 1% referral fee on each closed loan and commissions are paid at loan closing.

Commercial Loan Direct

Commercial Loan Direct is a commercial loan service specializing in apartment financing and other commercial real estate mortgages.

They offer website affiliate and business professionals referral programs that pay substantial referral fees.

For example, website affiliates can earn $1,250 per every funded loan. In addition, if one of your referrals joins their affiliate program, you will make an additional $250 for each sale brought by your referral.

Commercial Loan Direct also has a wholesale program for mortgage lending professionals and real estate agents.

Participation in this program can generate a substantial additional income from referrals of complete commercial real estate transactions.

First Rehab Lending

First Rehab Lending has several different loan programs for real estate developers and investors.

They offer funding for fix and flip, multi family, and mixed use properties, as well as lines of credit, new construction, and buy and hold loans.

The term of the loan is typically between 6 months and 1 year, with a loan amount of up to $1,250,000.

The company’s affiliates are realtors, attorneys, mortgage brokers, loan originators, and other industry professionals, who receive commission for any referrals resulting in a closed loan.

First Rehab Lending Commercial Loan Broker Affiliate Program

Flip Funding

Flip Funding specializes in offering financing solutions for commercial and investment real estate nationwide.

They feature loan programs of up to $10,000,000 for new construction, rehab, rental, multi-family, mixed-use, and commercial properties.

Flip Funding has a partner affiliate program for real estate and finance professionals who can market their loan products to real estate investors. They pay commissions of up to 1.5% of the total financed amount.

Crown Point Realty Capital

Crown Point Realty Capital is a full service real estate company that offers financing for condos, apartments, hotels, office, industrial, income generating properties, as well as land.

The company has various loan programs that are underwritten by a network of non-mainstream lenders such as community, regional, and foreign banks.

Crown Point Realty Commercial Loan Broker Affiliate Program

Crown Point Realty Capital has an affiliate program for bankers, mortgage brokers, attorneys, CPAs, real estate developers, investors, brokers, and any other professional who may have clients in need of real estate financing.

Affiliates earn a referral fee for any successfully funded loans they brought to the company.

Other Affiliate Programs That Work with Real Estate Professionals

BFS Capital

BFS Capital specializes in providing financing of up to $500,000 to small to mid-sized businesses in various industries.

They have delivered over $2 billion in loans to over 20,000 businesses up to date. BFS Capital has several commercial loan affiliate programs including vendor financing and financial solutions for credit-challenged customers.

BFS Capital Commercial Loan Affiliate Program

BFS Capital also offers strategic partnerships to commercial real estate brokers, accountants, lawyers, and any other company that works with small businesses.

In addition, they give the strategic partners access to their existing customer base, which can create many new business opportunities. BFS Capital offers a tiered commission structure and pays out commissions monthly.


Biz2Credit has been securing funding for small and mid-sized businesses since 2007 and has delivered over 2 billion in commercial loans for over 225,000 customers to date.

biz2credit Commercial Loan Broker Affiliate Program

They offer loans from $5,000 to $5,000,000 and use a proprietary platform to find the best funding options for each individual client.

Their affiliate program is open to companies offering small business services such as insurance, tax preparation, payroll, real estate, and more.

Biz2Credit can typically get your clients financed within 72 hours and you are paid a success fee for each successfully-funded referral.

National Business Capital & Services

Founded in 2007, National Business Capital & Services has facilitated more than 1 billion in commercial loans for tens of thousands of small business customers.

They work with more than 75 lenders in order to secure the best financing solution for each client and offer loans from $10,000 up to $3,000,000 in all 50 states.

New loans are typically approved in 24 hours and require no minimum FICO score or real estate collateral.

National Business Capital & Services’ referral program is targeted at real estate agents, commercial loan brokers, and other professionals whose customer base is comprised of small businesses.

The company pays referral commissions 24 hours after funding has been disbursed.


GoKapital offers a variety of funding solutions to small and medium-sized businesses including commercial real estate loans and mortgages, revenue-based business loans, merchant cash advances, equipment financing, and more.

GoKapital Commercial Loan Broker Affiliate Program

The company works with businesses in all types of industries such as retail, restaurants, dental and health care, construction, transportation, and auto repair.

Their commercial loan broker affiliate program is open to anyone who has a network of small business clients.

GoKapital pays out commissions on the 1st or 15th of the month for approved and funded business loans.

Aggressive Lending

Aggressive Lending/ PFC Commercial Group has been providing business financing solutions to small and mid-sized businesses for over 25 years.

They have a commercial loan referral program open to real estate and mortgage brokers, lawyers, accountants, insurance agents, and other service professionals interested in creating an additional income stream from their existing customer base.

Aggressive Lending pays a success fee (commission) of 33% per referral.

One Stop Funding Solutions

One Stop Funding Solutions has over 20 years of experience bringing creative financing solutions to businesses in all industries.

Some of the lending programs offered by the company include business lines of credit, factoring and SBA loans, equipment financing, merchant cash advances, and real estate purchase and rehab loans.

One Stop Funding Solutions offers its commercial loan affiliate program to service professionals with an existing customer base that may be in the market for financial products.

Affiliates earn broker referral fees from $500 to $4,000 per client, depending on the loan amount. Earnings are paid on the 15th and the 30th of the month via ACH electronic deposit or PayPal.

While joining any of these affiliate programs is free, it is always wise to research in detail any new business opportunity and the company behind it, before committing your time, effort, and valuable referrals to them.

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