If you work in the very handshake-driven industry of commercial real estate, there’s a good chance that your bread is earned through commission.

It’s important to remain proactive in your efforts to stay at the top of your game—even during hot streaks where you might not feel you need it.

From full-length programs, to social media moguls and bloggers, there are many commercial real estate coaching resources available to those in the industry.

Here, we look at the best commercial real estate coaching programs, coaches, and consultants currently helping brokers and other CRE professionals grow their business at faster rates.

Commercial Real Estate Coaching Programs

There are a number of programs for, and often by industry-leading commercial real estate pros, that help members improve in their day-to-day efforts and win more business more regularly.

These programs show CRE professionals how to do different aspects of their jobs well—typically by offering insights derived from the real world experiences of other top industry professionals.

Services offered through these programs include things like personal development, new broker training, how to leverage new CRE tech for success, and more along those lines.

The CCIM Institute

The CCIM Institute is one of the nation’s leading commercial real estate training providers.

Industry professionals can obtain a CCIM designation, which requires taking several courses.

CCIM also offers an array of courses that can be taken on an ad-hoc basis for CRE professionals looking to brush up on specific subject matter or expertise.

CCIM also has a robust network of CCIM-certified professionals and instructors, making the CCIM Institute a great resource for someone looking to connect with other CCIM pros in their area.

People will often turn to CCIM’s network to identify mentors and CRE coaches on an informal basis.

The Massimo Group

The Massimo Group is a CRE training and coaching program that is trusted amongst the top brokerage companies in the world, including JLL, Colliers International, CBRE and Lee & Associates.

The Massimo Group offers coaching programs for people at all levels of the industry.

For instance, the “New to the Business” (N2B) program shows brokers how to build a consistent, growing business that outperforms their competition.

Meanwhile, the “Market Leaders” is designed to help industry vets who may have hit a plateau.

The “Mid-Career” program is for those who fall somewhere in the middle – those who have achieved some success in the industry but who want to bring their business to the next level.

The Lipsey Company

The Lipsey Company is a training and consulting firm specializing in the CRE industry.

The company’s founder, Michael J. Lipsey, is nationally and internationally recognized as a leader in CRE training and consulting.

Lipsey has developed more than 191 courses, such as Team Brokerage, Presentations that Win, and Systems for Success.

The Lipsey Company provides various training modules and coaching programs, each tailored to a broker’s individual needs.

The Lipsey Company specializes in three broad areas of CRE training:

  1. Training for Service Providers (e.g. commercial brokers, mortgage bankers, property managers)
  2. Owners of Commercial Real Estate such as REITs and institutions
  3. Training for those in Corporate Real Estate

Top Dogs

Top Dogs commercial real estate training is the perfect fit for anyone looking for a light-hearted, fun but still highly effective CRE coaching program.

The program teaches CRE agents how to develop the proper managerial and networking skills needed to succeed in the industry.

They work with both first-time and long-time brokers looking to gain a competitive edge.

For those who don’t have the time or resources to commit to the full program, Top Dogs also offers 1-hour drop-in coaching sessions with the company’s founder, Bob McComb.

Buffini & Company

Buffini & Company offers a program, developed by real estate legend Brian Buffini, called “The Pathway to Mastery.”

The Pathway to Mastery is the most comprehensive, in-depth training program created for real estate industry professionals. The Essentials course focuses on business foundations.

The Advanced course helps CRE pros become people of influence in their community. And the Mastery course raises the bar to help brokers build a business and life of true significance.

Buffini & Company also offers one-on-one and small group coaching.

The Mike Ferry Organization

When Mike Ferry began his career at Nighingale-Conant, he never anticipated being promoted so quickly to National Training Director responsible for the sales activity of more than 1,300 brokers.

After a wildly successful career, he launched the Mike Ferry Organization, a multi-million dollar CRE training company with tens of thousands of clients.

Today, the Mike Ferry Organization provides coaching for professional real estate agents; coaching for brokers, owners and management; and coaching for mortgage industry professionals.

Corcoran Consulting & Coaching

Corcoran Consulting & Coaching is a particularly valuable coaching program for mortgage brokers and CRE lenders.

The company was founded by Bubba Mills, a respected voice in the real estate world for more than two decades.

In 2017, Bubba was recognized for the fourth time by National Mortgage Professional Magazine as one of the most connected individuals in the mortgage company.

The company focuses on building multiple pillars of your business, such as traditional real estate, property management, distressed property sales, JV partnerships, mortgage partnerships and more.

The goal of creating multiple pillars is to ensure real estate companies are not reliant upon one single stream of revenue. T

he company focuses on how to grow your business, not just how to get more real estate listings.

Corcoran will help people across all aspects of their real estate business from accounting to recruiting, to marketing and closing transactions.

NAIOP Certificate Programs

Like CCIM, NAIOP, a commercial real estate development association, provides online training courses for commercial real estate brokers.

NAIOP offers a Certificate of Advanced Study in Commercial Real Estate Development and a Certificate of Advanced Study in Real Estate Finance.

These training programs are ideal for developers, investors, lenders, CRE brokers, architects, attorneys, engineers, construction managers, environmental and sustainability professionals, land use professionals, and CRE industry consultants looking to bring their game to the next level.

Commercial Capital Training Group

Anyone on the capital markets side of the industry, including debt and equity brokers, will want to consider the programs offered by the Commercial Capital Training Group.

CCTG offers training specifically geared toward commercial loan brokers.

Two recent graduates of the program, entrepreneurs Mark Higdon and Thomas Richards, launched their new commercial finance business after taking part in the training and with 30 days of completion, closed a $1.25 commercial real estate deal that opened the door to additional funding opportunities.

This program is a must for CRE lenders and their peers.

Commercial Real Estate Coaches (Individuals)

Some brokers are hesitant to work with individual CRE coaches – how could this person possibly know more than me?

It’s a common sentiment, particularly for those who have been in the industry for years.

But each of these individual CRE coaches brings a unique background and skillset to their coaching.

In all cases, even the most experienced CRE brokers, agents, appraisers, lenders and others can learn from these CRE coaches and consultants.

Jim Gillepsie

Jim Gillespie turned his individual success as a CRE broker into thriving as a real estate business coach.

He’s the author of “Commercial Real Estate Power Brokers,” a highly-touted book featuring interviews with the industry’s best.

Jim offers one-on-one coaching and consulting to commercial real estate agents, brokers, managers, investors and developers.

In addition, he hosts live teleconferences where he interviews top CRE brokers that provide insights as to how they’ve grown their businesses.

Jim has coached agents working for CBRE, Cushman & Wakefield, Marcus & Millichap, Newmark Knight Frank, Colliers, NAI, Sperry Van Ness and other nationally-recognized brokerage firms.

Jim’s coaching is centered on helping CRE brokers stay focused, on track, and producing outstanding results within their brokerage businesses.

Michael Bull, CCIM

Most people know Michael Bull as host of America’s Commercial Real Estate Show, the nation’s leading show dedicate to the CRE industry.

Michael and his guests have provided market intel, forecasts and detailed industry knowledge every week since 2010. Michael, who has been buying and selling investment property since he was just 19 years old, now puts this knowledge to use by training other CRE professionals.

His website, Commercial Agent Success Strategies, uses a licensing model which gives individual brokers access to unlimited video training resources online.

Dan Colachicco

Dan Colachicco has been in the commercial real estate industry since 1979 and maintains an active CRE brokerage licenses in Florida and North Carolina. He has been involved in more than a half billion dollars’ worth of CRE transactions during his career.

Dan is passionate about the industry and today, coaches CRE agents looking to maximize their professional potential.

He has coached, mentored and trained hundreds of agents at all levels of their careers, from rookies to long-time vets.

Dan’s website, the SmartCREBroker, offers CRE training resources including a blog, podcast, and other resources for brokers looking to elevate their businesses.

Ralph Spencer, CCIM

Ralph Spencer has been an office, industrial and retail broker since 1972.

He’s worked for both small brokerage firms and for larger, institutional companies such as Commercial Net Lease Realty in Orlando, Florida.

Ralph now provides management and leadership consulting and training for CRE brokerage companies.

He also teaches multiple CRE courses through the CCIM Institute.

Rod Santomassimo

Rod Santomassimo is a commercial real estate coach with the Massimo Group (more below).

Rod organizes CRE Ready 2020, an in-person, two-day CRE coaching workshop being held in Orlando, Florida this year.

CRE Ready 2020 provides attendees with a clear plan of action and concepts to put themselves in the best position to thrive as the CRE industry changes.

Craig Proctor

Craig Proctor began his real estate career in 1988 by selling 27 homes in his first year.

The years later, with the help of just one administrative assistant and two licensed agents, he sold 222 homes.

When he found himself daydreaming more and more about how to systematize his business, he developed his “Quantum Leap System,” a program that he now offers to other real estate professionals.

While Craig Proctor focuses primarily on residential real estate, many of the lessons, learnings and seminars are applicable to CRE professionals looking to grow their business as well.

Richard Robbins

Richard Robbins, now Richard Robbins International (RRI), is a leading-edge sales and business coach that has been working with real estate professionals since 1998.

RRI coaching taps into what motivates each individual (and for each individual, that might be different) – know what motivates you is then leveraged to translate that motivation into real estate transactions.

Along with all of this, commercial real estate professionals can listen to investment and other market-focused shows, podcasts, and so on, as well as read the publications offered by many of the companies mentioned above.

With the right combination of resources, you’ll find yourself as the coach in no time.

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