Nowadays, there are several digital resources that can be effectively utilized to find commercial real estate for sale by owner (FSBO).

So, if you’re looking to avoid costly middlemen fees by going directly to decision-makers, keep reading.

In this article, we explore how you can use listings and property intelligence to identify commercial real estate for sale by owner.

Commercial Real Estate for Sale by Owner (FSBO)

In the past, you might find yourself poring over public records or reaching out to random owners to get a feel for which owners in your market are willing or looking to sell.

Now, online platforms can be used to streamline and simplify the process of finding commercial property that’s being sold (or might be soon sold) by its owner.

While there are a handful of websites catering specifically to FSBO listings, you can also turn to the more tech-friendly, proactive technique of using property intelligence to discover commercial owners that are likely to sell.

Below, we’ll cover all the options.

Resources for Finding Commercial Real Estate for Sale by Owner

The different resources below come at different costs both in terms of time and money.

Reonomy’s property intelligence requires a subscription (unlike many listings platforms), but allows you to source your own properties, and access owner contact information all in one place.

The greatest cost, maybe—but the highest reward, as well.

Listings make things a bit easier, but might result in you spending much more on a property itself, compared to just reaching out to an owner before they ever list.

Reonomy Property Intelligence

While Reonomy is not a listings platform, it still offers more commercial FSBO opportunities than any other site on the web.

Thanks to access to off-market property information on more than 99% of the commercial assets in the US, Reonomy can help you dive through any market and find your target property with ease.

The platform allows you to search for assets of your liking, in your desired location, with a specific sales history signaling a potential to sell (for example—for properties that haven’t sold in 10+ years).

More importantly, you can use Reonomy to easily access property owner contact information.

So, those decision-makers? You can go straight to them to strike an off-market deal, typically at a lower cost than any listed property.


LoopNet is one of the most popular listings platforms to find commercial real estate of any kind for sale. LoopNet boasts an expansive database of over 500,000 commercial listings, which can be searched for via smartphone and desktop.

While they do not directly offer FSBO listings, they do have owner-financed properties for sale, which can include many properties being sold by the owner themselves.

The site offers a search feature that can be used to source properties based on asset type, property use, building size, year built, property status, and owner information.

LoopNet also offers free membership as well as a paid Premium subscription.

The Premium signup provides access to property listings as soon as they are entered into the platform. The free membership provides access to property that has not yet been sold to other Premium LoopNet members.

Premium members also receive daily email notifications on the latest properties that match their search criteria.


Craigslist is another resource that can be used to find commercial property for sale by owner.

It can be used to search from several different asset types, narrowed down by price and location.

While it doesn’t offer as many listings as traditional residential or commercial real estate listings platforms, Craigslist is a great place to find a hidden treasure without having to face the competition.


Zillow allows you to search from thousands of for sale by owner property listings in the US for free.

As one of the most popular listings websites for residential real estate, you will find a wealth of FSBO multifamily real estate to choose from on the Zillow platform.

Zillow for sale by Owner Property Search

With an interactive map that pinpoints real estate listings for sale by owner in every state, Zillow allows you to easily search based on geographical location.

Zillow features high-quality photography and unlimited uploads of floor plans and property layouts, allowing you to develop a clear, detailed picture of a property before viewing.

Buildings by Owner

Buildings by Owner lists commercial property for sale by owner in a vast array of commercial real estate markets, including the industrial, office, healthcare, senior housing, multi-family, and retail markets.

You can search for commercial real estate for sale by owner based on country, state, and city to start narrowing down your prospects.

In addition, you can also condense your search to include property of a certain price range or building size.

The Buildings by Owner platform can also be used to search for commercial properties based on related, random keywords that might found in the listing description or title. gives you access to the promising residential property for sale by owner listings in the U.S.

The website offers a variety of advanced filters, enabling you to search available property for sale based on property type, location, number of rooms, and cost.

You can also arrange daily email alerts to discover new properties uploaded to the platform.

The site provides the direct phone number and email address of every property owner associated, making your outreach much easier. offers an easy-to-use database for brokers and investors searching for residential for sale by owner listings across the U.S. can be used to find a variety of for sale by owner properties, including multi-family property, ranches, and condos.

The site provides an interactive map that can be used to search from real estate for sale by owner in each U.S state.

Their advanced search tool allows you to refine your search based on size requirements, distance, room count, and price. In addition, you can also use their quick-search feature to find property based on listing ID.

For Sale By Owner

For Sale By Owner is one of the biggest providers of real estate for sale by owner listings in the U.S.

The platform has been in the business since 1999, and is one of the go-to listings platforms for many Americans looking to sell property.

The website provides listings for residential properties for sale by owner.

A free 14-day trial allows you to search the available properties on the platform and reach out to property owners to find out more about their assets.

Moreover, you can also contact their support team for guidance on how to use the platform and for tips on how to source the ideal real estate property for sale by owner to suit your needs.


FindMyRoof lists residential and commercial property for sale by owner, including commercial properties from many of the leading asset classes – including multifamily, office, and industrial space.


The site allows you to search based on location, price range, and key property features.

FindMyRoof is free to use, and offers great customer support—you can contact them easily via phone or email.


Fizber is a listing platform that allows you to search for sale by owner listings across the U.S.

A relative newcomer in the world of FSBO platforms, Fizber has been in business since 2006, but has risen in popularity due to their easy-to-use platform and free search feature.

The platform caters to the residential real estate space.

Fizber’s targeted geographical search can target assets based on your desired city, neighborhood, or zip code.

You can also tailor your search for real estate for sale by owner based on the number of rooms within the property, minimum square footage, and property price.


In addition to Craigslist, Facebook is another ‘alternative’ platform that you may like to consider in your search for commercial real estate for sale by owner.

With many users flocking to the popular social media platform daily, it’s a great place to go to find residential and commercial FSBO properties without the hefty broker fees.

Beyond the Facebook search feature, you can also find property for sale in commercial and residential real estate groups.


Maybe you’re looking for land-specific listings…

LandWatch can be used to search for thousands of owner-financed plots of land for sale around the U.S and the wider global landscape.

Their advanced search feature can be used to search from plots based on plot type, city, state, zip code, or county, and acres.

Their map feature can also allow you to better visualize plot placement and source suitable land based on your desired location.


LandFlip is a great place to find land for sale by owner across the USA. You can easily search available plots based on location, size, and price.

In addition, you can also search using their keyword tool to find land to suit your unique needs and preferences.

Also looking for rural commercial property for sale by owner? Beyond land for sale, you can also use LandFlip to search for commercial investments, such as campsites and ranches.

Finding Your Resource for Commercial Real Estate FSBO

When looking for commercial real estate of any kind for sale by owner, there are a range of platforms to utilize to help explore the vastness of the market.

In the world of FSBO offerings, broaden your search to focus on promising residential properties and land for growing your investments and diversifying your portfolio.

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