If anything is for certain about the commercial real estate industry (and we know that’s not much), it’s that its stakeholders need to be able to keep a pulse on the market.

Access to accurate, up-to-date insights into current market trends and future forecasts is an absolute must-have for every industry professional, no matter the role.

In this article, we’ll run through a number of the most useful CRE reports that you can use to immerse yourself in any market nationwide. By the end of this blog, you’ll have everything you need for smarter, more strategic CRE market analysis. 

Commercial Real Estate Custom Reports

With several different industry focuses, diverse interests, and a number of asset classes to consider, finding high-quality commercial real estate market reports to suit your business ventures can be a headache.

The commercial real estate market is comprised of a wide range of temperamental dynamics, from economic policy and regulations to the ever-changing trends of the leading commercial real estate asset classes.

As such, there are a variety of different reports to reflect the changing trends and forecasts in every area of the market.

Whether you’re an HVAC service provider for offices across the U.S. or an up-and-coming New York CRE broker, regularly undertaking thorough commercial real estate reports from Reonomy and other leading experts is a valuable strategy for developing actionable perspectives on the market.

Reonomy Custom Data Reports

When it comes to in-depth, lengthy property data and owner reports, Reonomy has you covered.

Using Reonomy, you can easily build reports using the entire, off-market property scope, but drilled down to what matters most to you.

To begin, run a property search in Reonomy’s discover bar.

With your property search, you can narrow down your focus to the asset type and market of your choice, across all asset types, and across all U.S. markets.

Once you have run your custom property search, you can generate a custom data report. You can have this data report sent to you as a CSV, or integrated directly into your existing property database.

With Reonomy’s in-depth property and owner data, you can build a base of insights most relevant to you—insights on asset type trends, owner habits, and overall markets.

Below, we’ll look at  CRE market reports, asset type specific reports, and location-based reports to refer to alongside your Reonomy platforms.

Commercial Real Estate Market Reports

Market reports come in many different shapes and forms, building insights that cater to very different audiences. Let’s look at a few of the most helpful market report providers in CRE.

Reonomy Market Reports

If you’re looking for up-to-date market insights and trends, we’ve got you covered.

We regularly publish market-leading reports, analyses and more helpful content on our blog.  So, whether you’re looking for the latest happenings in Opportunity Zones or just want a general overview of the multifamily market, there’s something for you on our blog. Check it out, here.


CBRE offers a full picture of the commercial real estate market, with data-driven predictions for future developments.

CBRE Market Reports

Their quarterly commercial real estate reports offer a detailed analysis of the latest real estate trends to inform your business strategy. CBRE hones in on the trends making the biggest waves in the CRE market.

They also provide detailed breakdowns of investment, technology, and asset trends – useful for tailoring research to help guide your own areas of interest. As such, CBRE’s commercial real estate research is a great resource if you are looking for detailed information on unique areas of interest or on a particular asset class.

CBRE also provides an annual report for the past year, with predictions for the following year, ideal if you’re looking for an over-arching snapshot of the market to help guide your business strategy for the year ahead.

In their last annual report, CBRE explored several industry drivers, providing detailed insights into the evolution of the office environment and the move towards co-working spaces and remote working; the latest developments in the industrial real estate supply chain; the current state and future forecasts of the hotel industry, and a detailed exploration of how technology is transforming the retail sector.

Cushman and Wakefield

Cushman and Wakefield Market Report

Cushman and Wakefield provides several detailed reports on commercial real estate market trends across the U.S.

Their expansive reports span a wide range: from the retail market, global CRE trends, the industrial market, the hotel sector, the office sphere, U.S. commercial real estate trends, as well as reports on economic and legislative developments of importance to the commercial real estate industry.

If you’re looking for exhaustive commercial real estate research on several different industry areas then Cushman and Wakefield’s website can be a great place to begin your research endeavors.


The National Association of Realtors (NAR) also offers comprehensive data on the CRE sector. If you’re a commercial real estate investor, NAR offers condensed information on the latest market trends, challenges, and predictions to help inform better investment decisions.

NAR’s Expectations and Market Realities in Real Estate provides an annual assessment of the five major asset classes, as well as the sector as a whole, with guidance for future investment choices.

In addition, the Commercial Real Estate Lending Survey offers insights into current financing conditions for your next investment.


NAIOP provides commercial real estate market reports on the ripple effect that commercial properties are having on American communities.

With a particular focus on office, retail, industrial, and mixed-use properties, NAIOP commercial real estate research is a great choice for any CRE professional looking for data on these markets.

Commercial Real Estate Reports Based on Asset Type

If you favor a select asset type, focusing your research efforts on commercial real estate reports specializing in your niche area will provide you with an in-depth exploration of your chosen market.


JLL Market Report

JLL offers asset type reports on six of the leading commercial real estate markets: healthcare, industrial, multifamily, hotels, office, and retail. These asset type reports provide thorough research on each of these profitable landscapes.

An ideal choice for property investors looking for actionable commercial real estate research, JLL also offers advice on financing, the market supply chain, due diligence, and guidance on how to chart a successful investment strategy.

Newmark Knight Frank

Newmark Knight Frank provides commercial real estate reports that give detailed insight into the drivers and trends commanding the office and industrial markets across the U.S.

From office rent price hikes to keenly charted fluctuations in absorption, Newmark Knight Frank’s quarterly reports will ensure that you can keep your finger on the pulse of the very latest developments in the industrial and office markets.

Commercial Real Estate Reports Based on Location

In addition to commercial real estate reports that provide an overview of the U.S. market and asset type reports, you may also like to focus your commercial real estate research efforts on a specific geographical location.

Compass Commercial

Compass Commercial provides a quarterly report on the office, retail, and industrial asset classes in Bend and Redmond, Oregon, making them an ideal choice for local brokers, investors, and service providers.

Optimal Spaces


Optimal Spaces provide a monthly analysis of New York’s commercial real estate market. Predominantly focusing on Manhattan’s retail, industrial, and office markets, Optimal Spaces provides a thorough exploration of the area’s monthly developments.

Their market reports cover areas such as the latest business expansions, details on the rent vacancy for each of the above asset types, and news on current buildings for sale.


PICOR offers commercial real estate research on the retail, multifamily, industrial, and office asset types in Tucson and Southern Arizona in the form of detailed quarterly reports.

As such, PICOR is a great option if you are looking for detailed commercial real estate research on any of these asset types in Tucson and Southern Arizona. They also provide an annual Capital Markets Update at the end of every January.

The Right Reports for Your Research

Whether you’re looking for commercial real estate research on the latest market trends, exhaustive information on a specific asset type, or CRE data on a certain geographical location, there are several excellent commercial real estate reports to choose from.

Utilizing research from a diverse range of resources can help you obtain new insights and a more nuanced outlook on the sector.

The best place to start, however, is to make sure your everyday research is fueled by Reonomy. Start today for free.

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