As a business owner in the commercial roofing industry, effectively tailoring your advertising to commercial property owners will ensure that you generate a continuous stream of quality commercial roofing leads for your business.

In this post, we’ll show you how to create both online and offline roofing ads to assure that you’re catching the eye of commercial property owners.

Roofing Ads: Ideas and Examples to Impress Property Owners

Online and offline ads are a brilliant way to draw your prospects’ attention to your commercial roofing business and kick off the journey down your sales funnel.

With effective ad targeting, as well as the right roofing advertising formats, you can ensure your ads are seen by prospects that you can easily convert into paying customers.

Finding the right property owners to advertise to creates a lot of wins on its own.

To fuel lead lists and your ongoing marketing efforts, the Reonomy platform can be helpful to search and find the right property owners in your market, along with their corresponding contact information.

The truth is, commercial property owners still see a multitude of ads throughout the day, making it vital for your ads to be extremely eye-catching and relevant.

The quality of your roofing leads is only as good as the quality of your ads. From paid digital ads to billboards, read on to find out how to effectively market your roofing services to commercial property owners.

Online Roofing Advertising Ideas and Examples

Online ad platforms are a great place to generate leads for your commercial roofing business.

The majority of commercial property owners will have a presence on at least one of the leading social media platforms. When looking for large commercial clients, your best bets are LinkedIn and Facebook.

Roofing LinkedIn Ads

As Hootsuite notes, “45 percent of LinkedIn users are in upper management.”

Considering this, ensuring you are active on LinkedIn is a great way to get your business in front of the key decision makers who could be in need of your commercial roofing services.

You can use self-service or managed campaigns (via the Campaign Manager) to get started with your ad. Campaign Manager will help you set up, run, and monitor your campaign.

Alternatively, you can go the DIY route. Effectively advertising your commercial roofing services on LinkedIn is all about highlighting your value.

Including high-quality snaps of your roofing work is a great way to show off your skills and draw in more leads.

Roofing LinkedIn Ads

Before and after photos are also particularly effective. For example, photos of a time when you fixed up a roof in disarray or added new fixtures to a commercial building can sufficiently highlight your skills.

In addition, you can also use the text space to highlight the benefits of your services and products or provide value to your prospects. A step-by-step guide on how to mitigate the damage done to a roof following a hurricane is a good example of value-driven content.

In contrast, you can also use the text space to showcase your benefits: the more specific and varied, the better. Mention how long you have been in the business, and the various commercial roofing services and products you provide, as well as your turn-around times.

You can also use LinkedIn’s targeting feature to target key decision makers who may need your commercial roofing services.

Roofing Facebook Ads

Alternatively, Facebook is another potential goldmine for commercial roofing leads that shouldn’t be overlooked. 41% of B2B companies find new customers with Facebook marketing.

In addition, don’t forget to optimize keywords for your social media ads. Tools such as Moz’s Keyword Explorer can help you find the perfect keywords to target for your commercial property owners.

Typically, longtail keywords – such as “commercial roofing business”, “commercial roof repair”, or “commercial roofing installation” out-perform short keywords – such as “roofer.”

You can also use Google to help you find related secondary keywords that searchers typically use. For example, people looking for commercial roofing services may Google, “commercial roofing contractors.”

Check out some of the related search terms that pop up:

Roofing Facebook Ads

Ensuring you include a few of these secondary keywords will help improve your reach and draw more leads your way.

Types of Roofing Facebook Ads

As a commercial roofing service provider, you have several styles of roofing Facebook ads to choose from:

Banner Ads

Banner ads are the rectangular ads that pop up in Facebook’s newsfeed. These ads feature a photograph and a brief paragraph that you can fill with snappy ad copy and long-tail keywords related to the roofing industry.

Carousel Ads

Carousel ads feature up to 10 rotating ads on Facebook’s newsfeed. As the draw of your work will rest substantially in its aesthetic appeal, these ads can be a great way to feature the workmanship of your past roofing projects.

Leads Ads

Lead ads feature a ‘sign up’ feature that allows leads to fill in their details on a form so you can quickly and easily capture their data. Once you’ve captured a prospect’s data, why not send them an informative eBook, video series, or checklist to draw them further down your marketing funnel?

Video Content

Videos, while highly engaging, are also a great medium for offering value-driven content and actionable advice that solves the pain points of your prospects.

For example, you could provide a video comparing the most common commercial roofing materials with recommendations for each kind of building and commercial client.

Another plus of Facebook ads? Granular targeting.

You get use Facebook to target property owners based on net worth, zip code, recent purchasing behavior, and more.

How to Write Your Facebook Ad

If you’re opting for a Facebook ad that includes text, you’ll want to make sure your ad converts.

Roofing Marketing Pros provide this simple four-step formula to maximize your lead generation for each ad:

  • Headline: include a keyword in headline
  • Description line 1: talk about benefits and features.
  • Description line 2: talk about benefits. Call to action!
  • Display URL:

As a commercial roofer, paid ads can help you reach a larger audience. When going down the paid commercial roofing advertising route, we recommend sticking to the classic: Google.

Google Roofing Ads

As the most visited search engine, boasting 73% of all internet searches in 2018, Google is the place to go to get your ad seen.

You can use Google to place display or text pay-per-click ads.

Google provides targeted display ads to users browsing related websites. It also offers text ads that pop up at the top or side of search pages.

Pay-per-click (PPC) text ads charge a fee every time someone clicks one of your ads, allowing you to buy visits to your website.

As you’re pulling money from your pocket to pay for Google ads, it’s important to write an ad that will actually draw web browsers away from Google and to your homepage. Before writing your ad, brainstorm a quick list of the pain-points and interests of your target customers.

What differentiates you from other commercial roofing companies? What benefits do you offer? How can you uniquely meet the needs of your target customer base?

Do you specialize in specific commercial roofing materials? Have you racked up many years in the industry? Do you offer quick turn-around times?

Are you specialists in damaged roofing following a natural disaster or other emergencies? Do you offer financing?

Commercial Roofing Google Ad

Include the key benefits of your commercial roofing business in the body of your ad. If you serve a particular market or area, include those details in your ad.

Commercial property owners will also be drawn in by the promise of happy reviews from past clients; highlighting positive reviews will boost your click-through rate.

Finally, as with your Facebook and LinkedIn ads, you should also optimize your commercial roofing ads for Google with keywords.

You can use the Goole Ads Keyword Planner to help you find the best keywords for your ads. Google provide detailed analytics, so you can see how different keywords stack-up.

Quick tip: Google find 5 – 20 keywords per ad group perform best – so no need to stuff.

Offline Roofing Advertising Ideas and Examples

Sometimes, going a bit heavier on offline roofing ads can do the trick, as well.

Direct Mail

Direct mail campaigns can be a great way to stand out in the digital noise.

As roofing is a visual industry, postcards and leaflets featuring high-quality imagery of your past roofing work can be a great way to capture the attention of your target market.

Roofing Mailer

Leaflets can also provide a great snapshot of the benefits of your roofing products and services. In addition, rich text formatting, including bullet points and bold and italic fonts make text look enticingly easy to read.

For example, if you specialize in single-ply roofing, you could provide a quick bullet-point list on the benefits of this product. You may highlight how single-ply roofing is fire-retardant, eco-friendly, and highly durable – all notable selling points for a commercial property owner.

Bullet-point lists on why your services best the competition could also be effective; you may highlight how many years you have been in the business or the fact that your roofing comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Keep leaflet copy short and sweet. Most of the key decision makers you are trying to reach within the commercial industry won’t have the time to read over long-form copy.

Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertising

Lastly, out-of-home (OOH) ads (think technicolored billboards and posters) offer 24-hour visibility. While direct mail and digital ads have proven their effectiveness again and again, OOH commercial roofing ads can be used to target property owners on the move.

Placing your OOH ad in key areas with high footfall for your target market can help your brand reach a higher number of prospects than digital and direct mail methods alone.

Billboard ads and posters perform best with a clear call to action (such as “call now”), bold font, and engaging image of your roofing work, direct contact details, and a short slogan.

Commercial Roofing Advertising

With the right tools, targeting, and approach you can quickly generate a steady stream of commercial property owner leads for your commercial roofing company.

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