So, you want a “weathertight” lead generation strategy? One that has no holes and lets you focus more time on building relationships (and roofs) instead of wasting time searching for prospects that are unlikely to convert?

You’ve come to the right place. Below, we’re going to show you the best ways to generate commercial roofing leads on a short and long-term basis.

Ways to Generate Commercial Roofing Leads

There isn’t one, surefire way to finding more prospects. Instead, generating commercial roofing leads is a multifaceted process.

With the right combination of resources,  you’ll be able to continuously supply yourself with engaged property owners to contact.

How? By optimizing your online marketing efforts, raising your brand awareness, and using Reonomy to find the people you need to contact, you can assure a steady streamline of high-quality roofing leads.

Find Commercial Roofing Leads with Reonomy

The Reonomy Platform helps you search for and find leads based on very specific filters that cater to your exact needs as a roofer.

With Reonomy, you can search for target properties based on a variety of different filters, like location and building type.

To search for leads, begin by entering your target location, property type, and building and lot specifications in Reonomy’s search platform, as shown below. Let’s run through a few property searches you can create…

Search by Location:

Reonomy makes it easy to search by geography. This allows you to find roofing leads based on certain states, cities, and other locations.

Off Market Property Search by Location | Reonomy

Search by Property Type:

Or, you can search by asset type. Maybe you specialize in roofing multifamily buildings. Or, maybe you only work on industrial properties. Whatever the asset class is, you can find the right leads for you.

Property Owner Search by Commercial Asset Type on the Reonomy Platform

Search by Building and Lot Characteristics:

Or, you can search specifically by building and lot features. Maybe you only work on buildings larger than 20,000 square feet. Or, maybe you want to source older buildings that likely need new roofs. To find these properties, you could search this tab to find them.

No matter how you search, you can dive into individual properties to confirm specifics. Once you enter these baseline filters, you’ll be given a list of matching properties. From there, you can click into the profile page of any one property to analyze its building and lot specs such as building area, lot size (in square footage and acres), zoning, year built, year renovated, and more.

Most importantly, you can also view aerial images of the property to analyze its roof and surrounding property. This is what’s really helpful in generating commercial roofing leads.

View the Roof of a Property

Like we mentioned before, actually seeing the roof of a potential lead is the most helpful. Reonomy makes it easy to see exactly what you’re working with, without ever having to leave your computer.

To see a property’s roof, you have to click on an individual property.

Using our Google Earth integration, you can toggle between Street View and Aerial View to zoom in to see the property’s roof, spin the map to see each side of the building, and click to see the building from straight above.


After you’ve analyzed the physical layout of a property, you’ll have a good idea of whether or not your services fit the needs of that owner.

From there, you can use Reonomy to find owner contact information and reach out directly.

Given the spontaneity of the weather, timing is extremely important for roofing contractors and repair. Reonomy lets you search for leads and get into contact with property owners at the drop of a hat

Optimize Your Web Content

Another way to generate commercial roofing leads is to optimize your web content.

Online marketing is major resource for building any business. The most important part of your online marketing efforts is your website—something that every marketing strategy should include.

How does this work? We explain more below.

Build a Custom Website

First and foremost, without a website, online roofing lead generation would not exist. That’s often the best place to start. Make sure your website is fully optimized before taking on any other online ventures.

A well-designed, customized website casts a net that catches property owners searching the web. You can use it to explain your exact services, showcase past work, and share content that shows your industry and market expertise.

On your site, you should include landing pages to make it easier for visitors to connect with you. The design of your site, your content, and examples of past work are what will encourage property owners and others to visit your landing page and fill out a form (they become leads once they fill out a form).

Commercial Real Estate Marketing

If this seems daunting to you, fear not—you can easily use website builders like Squarespace or WordPress to create sites that are optimized in terms of layout, design, and somewhat for search engines (more on that below).

You can also use services such as UpWork or Fivver to find freelance website designers to help you get set up.

Once your website is ready to go, you can begin creating content and interacting with others on social media.

Create Localized SEO Content

The key to successful inbound roofing lead generation is creating search engine-optimized (SEO) content.

Roofing leads that come from search engine queries can often be of higher quality, as they are coming to your website searching for something in particular. If they find the value they were searching for, they’ll likely signup.

Much as your website is the net that catches web researchers, the content you create essentially works as the bait that leads them to that net.

Optimized content will show up in Google searches, bringing more engaged visitors to your site. What they see on the site is what will lead them to your landing page to signup.

What should you create? Write about the industry, your local market, and other insights related to your services. Create content that provides informational value to the reader, but also lets them know about the value of your roofing services.

For this, you can again use UpWork and Fivver to search for SEO-trained writers that can help build out content for you, in case you lack the time, or are not well-versed in SEO.

A well-built website with optimized content can serve as a forceful lead generation tactic, so it should not be taken lightly. Optimized web content can generate a high volume of commercial roofing leads on a consistent basis now and for years to come.

Build Brand Awareness

Even though your website does build brand awareness, it’s important to spread the word of your brand in other places as well.

This can be done by running online paid advertising campaigns, connecting with industry members on social media, and by attending live events to interact with potential clients in person.

Paid Advertising

Advertising on Google and various social media channels is another way to get in front of the eyes of potential leads. Like SEO content, it is simply a way to provoke web researchers to click your link and fill out a form.

Commercial roofers will likely find the most value in running targeted ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Facebook ad targeting is centered more around user interests and behaviors, whereas LinkedIn ad targeting is centered around professional tags like job titles, companies, and industry.

Roofing advertising on Facebook and LinkedIn is about providing a useful piece of content tailored to property owners that will make them want to click and engage.

Reonomy Commercial Roofing

Google lets you target your ads based on keywords. This is where your expertise of the market comes into play most heavily.

By incorporating keywords that attract commercial property owners looking to repair or newly install a roof, you can very quickly generate a large volume of roofing leads from paid ads.

Much like your web content, it’s also vitally important to optimize your Google Ads to ensure that the language used within them is relevant and clean.

You should also always link your Google Ads to landing pages, not your website home page, as you’re looking to make the process as simple as possible for those browsing the web to fill out your form and become a lead.

Interact on LinkedIn

LinkedIn connections and groups are great ways to stay involved with your local market on a personal level. By continuously interacting with your market, your roofing company brand will always linger in the back of property owners’ minds.

Search local commercial real estate groups to see if there are ones that you can interact with. There may be relevant discussion groups where you can learn about others in the industry and share your own content.

Another strategy is to send connection requests to local commercial real estate professionals and your current clients to begin building out your network. LinkedIn can help you generate leads referred by others and through shared content.

Attend Live Events and Trade Shows

Events allow you to connect with potential leads—or potential connections to leads—in person.

Similar to the use of LinkedIn, going to live events is a way for you to try to stick in the minds of property owners who may eventually be looking for commercial roofing services. You can plant many seeds at live events, and potentially begin relationships that could lead to direct leads or referrals.

Commercial roofing trade shows and events are a great place to learn about new tech in the industry, connect with other professionals, and spread the word of your brand and roofing services.

Download a Storm-Tracking App

Keeping up with the latest and live weather can sometimes be a large part of generating new roofing leads on the spot. Another useful tool to have in your arsenal is a storm tracking app.

Once again, given the spontaneity of the weather and the time-sensitivity of generating roofing leads, these apps can help trigger your property search at exactly the right time.

Good examples of storm tracking apps include Storm RadarMyRadar, and Storm Tracker Weather Radar.

By combining these live apps with Reonomy’s on-demand property search, you can find yourself connecting with the right property owners at the exact right point in time.

Whatever the case may be, you’ll likely want to use a combination of the aforementioned tools to fuel your commercial roofing lead generation. With the right combination of resources, a weathertight strategy will be well underway.

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